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"Aye come to Anthony's in an hour"
"Can't I don't have a ride"
"I'll swoop"
"Fasho. Lemme know when you're here"
by Heptone March 19, 2016
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The act of talking to a guy/girl who is in a relationship or attracted to someone else, with the intention of getting them to become attracted to you
Hey Rob, you gonna try and swoop Mary?
by Jopper McLovin March 31, 2015
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a girl that has had sex with a lot of dude
You know nene ?? yeah she smashed my whole crew , she the swoop .
by plutoATL October 07, 2012
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To move in on a girl who has a boyfriend and is, on bad terms, fighting, or about to break up with. A swoop may also consider a girl who simply doesn't care about her boyfriend
Man I saw Katie yesterday and I think I'm about to go for the swoop.

Damn, Kyle treats his bitch like shit, I'm bout to swoop.

Her ass was so nice I had to swoop.

She told me her boyfriend was at camp so I call that a fair swoop.

I guess her boyfriends in Iraq so when she called me over I told my boys I was about to swoop.
by Swooping January 14, 2010
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1. The utilization of a presented opportunity to it's full potential. A successful venture.
2. Operating at complete confidence/productivity/effectiveness. Applicable at parties, business, women, etc.

3. A positive exclamation signifying a clever or skillful maneuver. SWOOP

*The opposite of a moop.
Dude you got a front-row parking spot at the crowded-as-fuck mall? What a swoop.
Did you swoop on Erica last night? I know I was swoopin' a lot of girls at that party.
First place in Mario-Kart, bitches!! SWOOOOOOP
by SwoopitySwoop September 16, 2013
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