adj. cannot be satisfied; must have more
Tyrone masturbates three or four times a morning while he is shaving or showering in preparation for spending the day with Brie Ann. He can lay with her for hours and bust even more nuts, so it is safe to say he has a sex drive that is insatiable.
by Richard Black May 4, 2005
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someone who is never satisfied about anything, AKA: an Urban Dictionary writer
Me: Ah, I really explained insatiable pretty well! Now, to define hypocrit- wait a second...
by / Gnon / July 2, 2019
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That Mark is an insatiable top, he's so coooooool...and anyone who thinks because he's insatiable he's a bottom is going to get a reach-around-the-back-of-the-head suuuper hard
by supercoolguyatx November 23, 2008
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As if being "Magnetically" pulled toward someone or something.
I am insatiously drawn to you
by MeetVirginia67 March 15, 2017
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1) unable to satisfy, usually referring to appetite.
--derived from the word satiate

2) the wrong way of saying insatiable.
I have an insatious appetite for a whipped cream bikini.
by Dzel August 24, 2008
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Hit Darren Hayes song that rocks ShaunaW's socks off.
The song Insatiable gets my clothes off.
by michaelmarcum January 27, 2005
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A sex act performed by fucking a man in the ass in missionary position while leaning over and blowing him at the same time. It can be performed by either another man or a woman with a strap-on (see Pegging).

The act is named for its similarity to the motions made by the toy heat engines named drinking birds, insatiable birdies, or dipping birds.
Getting fucked in the ass with a strapon is great by itself, but the Insatiable Birdie is MIND BLOWING!
by SensualPeggingFan November 26, 2012
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