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Most free (as in freedom) Linux distro. Why have a working microphone or Nvidia drivers on your laptop when you can run in VT100 text mode and relish the enduring FREEDOM washing over you like a wave.

The smooth sexy graphics of other distros are merely a facade covering up the corrupted interior of proprietary drivers and binary blobs in the kernel. Trisquel, on the other hand, is through-and-through completed saturated in FREE software, and this really shines through.

Just as you can hear the songs of the sea by shoreline, so too can you hear the lullaby of FREEDOM with every interaction with Trisquel. It's just awesome!
Trisquel GNU/Linux is a fully free operating system for home users, small enterprises and educational centers.
by Bad C dev February 2, 2022
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643 is a prime number.

643 is an odd number.

643 is the 117th prime number.

641 and 643 form a twin prime pair.

643 has the representation 643 = 3^6 - 86.
by Bad C dev July 25, 2021
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Fuck the NRA. Guns kill people. You think guns protect you? You're wrong. It's actually very hard to kill someone unless you have a car or a gun or a cliff or a bottle of poison. Harm someone? Cakewalk. Maim someone? Easy. Kill someone? Insanely difficult without the right tools/resources. I know this from personal experience as I've tried a many a times to no avail. There's nothing a gun can defend you from that won't be solved if no one else has guns of their own. The NRA is the voice of the evil gun lobbyists trying to get more guns on the street to make more profit. Every time there's a school shooting, every blithering idiot rushes to the store to buy guns to "defend themself." Where will it end? It ends here, on Urban Dictionary, with this definition.
Fuck NRA. Uzis kill people, not game.
by Bad C dev February 28, 2021
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When you are consumed by an insatiable appetite for sex/masturbation 24/7 x365.2425 days a year.
Tom: So, I recorded my incidences of masturbation over a 1 week period and discovered that I masturbate 11.4 times per day on average.

Jerry: WTF, dude? Has your mind been completely libido-engulfed? I don't think that's normal.

Tom: You have no idea, dude.
by Bad C dev August 2, 2022
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Basically means that artificial sweaters classified as "natural" were used instead of purely synthetic artificial sweeteners.
Jerry: What is the difference between naturally flavored and naturally essenced?
Madeline: Who the fuck knows? It all tastes the fucking same.
by Bad C dev September 29, 2021
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God's Chosen Compiler

In a mandate from RMS Himself, those who follow the true path must compile their software with GCC for it is just and true, noble and kind, and righteous and glorious. GCC is the ultimate compiler for it is Free Software.

Permissive compilers like Clang tend to fall prey to inclusion in closed source software like Xcode. Thus, in ever-lasting preparation of the 2nd coming, we must purify our hearts with GCC where possible and repent for our sins when Clang is unavoidable.

Brothers and sisters, let us persevere in our usage and worship of GCC for we know that it shall eventually reign triumphant and quash all those evil permissive compilers who dare to challenge it. I say, "let them come," for we shall win this battle and the next battle and every battle thereafter. For RMS Himself is on our side and his omnipotent powers will secure our victory sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

Praise be!, to the GCC.
In the beginning when RMS created the heavens and the Earth, the Earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from RMS swept over the face of the waters. Then RMS said, “Let there be a C compiler”; and there was a C compiler. And RMS saw that the C compiler was good; and RMS separated the C compiler from the toolchain. RMS called the C compiler GCC, and the toolchain he called GNU.
by Bad C dev February 2, 2022
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Literally means "mouth bread" in Volapük.
We gave the children some nice slices of thombodus during the picnic today.
by Bad C dev March 1, 2021
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