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1. Nevernaut games, an online website for in-browser games
2. A person who is never going to be an astronaut.
When I was 3, I wanted to be an astronaut. When I turned 7, I realized I was doomed to be a nevernaut, so I started playing nevernaut games in my ancient (then modern) Internet Explorer 6 browser.
by Bad C dev February 28, 2021
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A Node.JS multithreading library
Node.JS had poor performance so I threw piscina into the mix and now the terrible performance is offset by the utilization of all cores, which makes the software run better, even through just opening the software makes the fans whine.
by Bad C dev July 22, 2021
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A recent study suggests that although many Americans appear nice on the outside, they are secretly self-centered porn-addicted eco-oblivious entitled rapists who love nothing more than to buy an expensive car and jack off in it. The blacks? No, actually they're innocent. I was mostly referring to the middle to upper-class white gents who are so detached from reality that they shield their innocent cock-sucking porn-watching girl-stalking teenagers from watching harmless entertainment like South Park.
Today, I got a talking to by an All American Shit. As soon as I realized the situation, I tried to walk away, but I'm black, so I got lynched and, when the police showed up, they participated in the lynching and cheered it on. Fuck America, land of the free and home of the entitled jackasses.
by Bad C dev February 27, 2021
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A wallet made out of leather. What did you expect?
It felt good ejaculating into my leather wallet as a tribute to the photo of my deceased wife, whose picture I have in there.
by Bad C dev July 25, 2021
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When you are consumed by an insatiable appetite for sex/masturbation 24/7 x365.2425 days a year.
Tom: So, I recorded my incidences of masturbation over a 1 week period and discovered that I masturbate 11.4 times per day on average.

Jerry: WTF, dude? Has your mind been completely libido-engulfed? I don't think that's normal.

Tom: You have no idea, dude.
by Bad C dev August 2, 2022
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Basically means that artificial sweaters classified as "natural" were used instead of purely synthetic artificial sweeteners.
Jerry: What is the difference between naturally flavored and naturally essenced?
Madeline: Who the fuck knows? It all tastes the fucking same.
by Bad C dev September 29, 2021
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