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Like a sodomite but with emo instead of sodomy. They practice emo like a religion.
God shall unleash his wrath upon the emoites in the fourth testament of the Bible, sparking a new spinoff of Judaism called Emoitism. Those who follow Emoitism shall be named the Emoitites and be blessed by God to suffer and die in concentration camps at the hands of Adolf Trump. Emoitism is the next stage after Islam, which was the next stage after Christianity, which was the next stage after Judaism, which was the next stage after tribal polytheism.
by Bad C dev February 27, 2021
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A most strange and majestic breed of horse known only to roam the most remote regions of a planet.
No-one has ever seen an ertyu, but there is strong evidence suggesting their potential existence ether present or past.
by Bad C dev October 3, 2021
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Body of Christ in the Catholic church. Yes, you are cannibalizing of of our lord, JC, you savage. Stop pretending you are doing the world a service and stop eating people.
Today, I ate a man at mass. His name was Jesus Christ, and he tasted a lot like bread. The Eucharist was transformed into his body and the Wine was transformed into his blood for my consumption.
by Bad C dev March 12, 2021
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When you have a fetish for the Eucharist and the Eucharist turns you on.
When I went up to receive the holy eucharist at mass, tasking that thing in my mouth gave me the biggest boner. Thank you JC for giving me my eucharotic fetish.
by Bad C dev March 4, 2021
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Most overpriced Minecraft hosting solution.
Please don't feed the evil Apex Hosting; just get Linux and do DIY Minecraft Hosting and get better performance for a fraction of the cost.
by Bad C dev July 12, 2021
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Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is the absolute truth. Over time, many Catholic popes, priests, and bishops have demonstrated an inability to use their absolute power responsibly. When word/gossip of this leaks out, there is a panic in the magisterium because the Catholic church must be an infallible institution. Then begins the media spin, where the magisterium conjures up whatever lies they can in order to warp the truth to their favor. Then, every bad thing is neatly swept under the rug. This is the cycle of Catholic politics.
I really like Catholicism and it is a great religion with strong morals and lots of good people, but Catholic politics just make me sick.
by Bad C dev March 4, 2021
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Clean Catholic-approved sex. No toys, no anal, no mouthing, no birth control, no titty fuck, no homo, no porn, no drugs, no nothing created by the devil. You have to be married to each other and the marriage must be recognized by the Catholic Church. Then, it's just penis-vagina penetration with the goal of getting in and out as fast as possible so that you can go back to Church and repent for your sin of carnal indulgence.
Clean sex quickly turned into dirty sex when we both realized we were faking the whole "Catholic" thing.
by Bad C dev March 4, 2021
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