To create a Luke: start with a base of hysterically funny. Mix in equal parts of cute, charming, sexy and intelligent. Combine with integrity, thoughtfulness and confidence until a solid foundation forms. For flavour, add a dirty mind to the hysterically funny but balance it by increasing the charm to ‘almost irresistible’ quantity. You should find the resulting mixture is well formed and appealing to the eye. Add maturity, cheekiness and something ‘indescribably unique’ to serve.

Summary: A Luke is one of the most amazing and unique people you will ever meet. In many ways he is like a great recipe for a person – containing all the right elements in just the right quantities. If you meet a Luke, show him he’s special by hiding things to make him smile wherever and whenever you can – even on the internet.

If you ever have the opportunity to be friends with a Luke then take it. You will be the 2nd luckiest woman in the world.
An unladen European swallow once brought me a funny message..........It was from a Luke
by Yes Its Me Again February 13, 2013
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Anyone else whose name is Luke just reading this to see what people say about your name?
Bro 1: bro search up your name
Bro 2: *types in Luke
Bro 1: what does it say?
Bro 2: yeah it’s a cool name
by Who’s asking? May 08, 2019
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Luke is a guy who is tired of people coming up to him and saying "Luke, I am your father" but other than that Luke's are very out going guys who are always willing to lend a hand. They are athletic, good looking guys that every girl would kill to date. They are friendly and will do anything they possibly can to help someone out.
Some guy: Luke, I am your father!
Luke: Dude, stop saying that!

Some girl: I would totally marry Luke!
Other girl: I would change our last name to skywalker!
by Cally Gieser August 13, 2013
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A truly amazing person. Luke's are usually nice, caring, an amazing friend, and a great person to know. He is scared of having a girlfriend because he thinks he isn't good enough or thinks he might mess things up in a relationship. A Luke is someone you would want to have in your life for a long time. His greatness may rub off on you. Everyone thinks he is cute but he doesn't think so. He usually tends to like the girls that aren't the popular ones, although some of the popular girls think hes cute. A lovable person
Doesn't he look like a Luke?

Oh definitely!
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Someone who always sticks by his convictions. A person of deep integrity. Not always the first one to speak out, but is always the loudest voice when he does. Luke's always know when something is wrong, and will try to help out when he can. He is sometimes considered annoying or awkward, but those close to him know how truley wonderful he can be.
You know Luke?" "yeah..." "He is great, he is always there when you need him.
by Cactus123 August 30, 2010
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One of the greatest guys you will ever meet. Close to perfection, Luke is amazing on the inside and the outside. Wonderful personality, very sweet, honest, funny, loyal, positive, caring, competitive, friendly, charming, smart, and brave. Also, he has a spectacular body, with awesome muscles and great hair. He is good at everything he does, talented physically and musically. Overall, he is a wonderful person, and the girl he falls in love with might just be the luckiest girl in the world.
Oh, that's Luke. He's the best guy you'll ever know.
by theDreamer. August 24, 2010
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