Despite it's common, negative connotations, in some areas of the U.S. (including the NY Tri-State area) "sucks dick" actually implies that something is great or awesome. This usage of the phrase derives from the fact that someone or something that sucks your dick is, in fact, pretty awesome.
Oh man, that restaurant really sucks dick. It always hit the spot.
by rMMg February 7, 2011
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What all OU girls absolutely love to do. Those bitches throw neck on any nigga and love the taste of cum. All you have to do to get some is just ask, but I advise you not to do that unless you want an STD.
Bro, last night I saw two OU girls sucking dick on the same dude, holy fuck these bitches are hoes.
by TurnM3Up December 9, 2019
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the guys all like her because she really likes to suck dick
by dawn June 16, 2002
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getting dick fed in the mouth until he cums
when sucking dick,the man control the rhthym and speed and the receiver is simply eager and waiting.
by spiceyhothoney July 29, 2006
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Its when you suck on a males penis. Give him fellatio. Yum Yum. Its great to suck dicks. Its the art of fellatio.
vitale sucks mike's dick for a living. What a poor ass loser. If he knew better he would be suckin the big guys. Must need the foodstamps this year. He suck dick now.
by clyde Mons December 27, 2007
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Joyce a lil how all she do is suck dick
by AC August 20, 2003
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