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A collection of Mario games for the Super Nintendo. Arguably one of the best video game deals of all time, it contains all the Super Mario Brothers games and the unreleased Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, which was considered too hard to release in the United States.
Super Mario All-Stars is the best SNES game of all time.
by smpoza August 11, 2008
Adjective. Crazy, insane, loopy, nonsensical, illogical, arbitrary, dumb.
EX1: Sarah Palin's resignation speech was the definition of whack.

EX2: Transformers 2's box office numbers are incredible! That's whack.

EX3: Nintendo hasn't ported Earthbound to the DS yet. That is completely whack.
by smpoza July 4, 2009
Something large, evil, and seemingly undefeatable. A reference to the Galactic Empire from the Star Wars movies, but not as badass.
Guy 1: I don't believe it! Even after all this shit that's happened over the past several years, all the lies, torture, and wiretapping, how the hell haven't Bush and Cheney been prosecuted yet?

Guy 2: That's the empire for you.
by smpoza February 14, 2009
To shoot someone in the face. Most applicable when that someone is a beloved friend or relative of the shooter.
(guy shoots another guy in the face)

Guy 1: Whoa! You just shot Frederick Rogerson! He saved your life three times, looked after your children while you were out, for free, and introduced you to your wife of 17 years! And you Dick Cheney'd him!

Guy 2: Yeah, I Dick Cheney'd my wife and kids too.

Guy 1: You're secretly Dick Cheney, aren't you?

Guy 2: Ha-HA! Sly one, aren't you?
by smpoza February 22, 2009
When a movie has such bad writing that you stop listening to the movie and start making up the dialogue in your head. A reference to the second movie in the star wars prequel trilogy, which had writing just as bad as phantom menace but suffered more because George Lucas was stupid enough to try to write romance scenes.
Anakin: Your skin is soft. Not like sand. Sand is hard and unpleasant to be around. Not like your skin.

Guy: Fuck it, this thing's an attack of the clones. Lucky I brought ear plugs.

Anakin in that guy's head: Wow, I can't believe how lame I am right now. I wish it could be several years later. I'll be such a bamf then. Not like sand at all.
by smpoza February 14, 2009
Verb. To ditch somebody on a date.
"Hey, how'd the date with Jenny go?"
"Not so well. She posed a rabbit."
"What the shit does posing a rabbit mean?"
"Learn french."
by smpoza October 28, 2011
The mispronunciation of ingredients.
Person 1: "Let's take a look at our ingrediments."
Person 2: "I think you mean ingredients. I'm going to urban-dictionary that shit."
by smpoza October 21, 2010