A method for gathering data about the world around us. Using the scientific method involves coming up with a hypothesis about how something works, and then trying as hard as you can to prove it wrong. If you can't prove yourself wrong then you cannot say you proved yourself right. you can only say you didn't disprove your hypothesis. In the scientific method you can never prove yourself right, you can only prove you weren't wrong. This is often seen as a tedious and annoying aspect of science by outsiders, but in fact scientific minded individuals gain great joy in being skeptical of everything. If you cannot diprove your hypothesis than it is usually phrased something like "The data supported our hypothesis." This is generally followed by a detailed explanation of everything that could have been wrong with your research that could have led to a failure to disprove yourself. Through this method something can become considered a theory only if many many generations of scientists have failed to find any way to prove the hypothesis wrong. This is a considerable accomplishment as most scientists will spend their entire lives finding critiques in method or theory in the research of others, and trying to find a way to disprove their findings. Information acquired in this way is the only information that can be trusted to have any semblance of truth.
Did you hear about how video games make children violent?
Was the scientific method used to reach this conclusion?

Hey a recent study found that fake sweetener can give you cancer.

That study was never replicated.

Evolution is just a theory.
If by theory you mean a conclusion that genarations of researchers have failed to find any way to disprove in hundreds of years time then yes it is.
by pandorlla May 27, 2010
A 2 step process of learning and understanding about the world.
I order to begin the process you need a question.

Once you have answers to seek begin the process.
Step 1: fuck around
Step 2: find out

Repeat as many times as necessary.
"hey man, do you think the boys are gonna be on Playstation tonight?"
"only way to know is to use the scientific method."
by TheboysinCS October 3, 2020
person one: "hey dude I dont know how to figure out how thos works"

person two: "dude, just use the scientific method"

person one: "ah, fuck around, find out. alsomost forgot"
by Filbo Ogies September 17, 2020
The expression for the scientific method's sake is science academia aesthetic equivalent for the prosaic bland religious expression "for god's sake "meaning "An oath of exasperation, annoyance, frustration, anger, or surprise." "For the scientific method's sake" is an interjection like "For god's sake" with the literal nonreligious definition of Expressing anger, surprise, assertion etc."". This is a satirical expression that generally makes fun of scientism, but occasionally is used to make fun of the superfluity of religious expressions our society uses dude.
For the scientific method's sake! Why haven't you considered these obvi obvi conspicuous confounding variables! Of course it isn't the presence of churches that's increasing the crime rate. Tis prolly the higher population density that's causing the increased crime rates.
by MoribundMurdoch July 2, 2021
Aaron: Use your brain cells bum
DJ: SCIENTIFIC METHOD Brain cells are called neurons, and SCIENTIFIC METHOD its ya big bum
by A_R5619 May 21, 2019
Aaron: Use your brain cells
DJ: Brain cells are called neurons scientific method
by air975 May 21, 2019