The wrongful or willful taking of money or property belonging to someone else after the money or property has lawfully come into the possession or control of the person taking it. To steal money.
She got fired for trying to embezzle seven thousand dollars.
by Morgan T. May 1, 2006
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It's a super awesome way of saying to 'take have' something.
My lungs embezzle the air from the earth... as I can breath.. it. Period.
by JaguarFiend February 23, 2008
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Anyone at a business who takes company money for his or her own purposes. This activity is illegal and if noticed should be reported.
The embezzler bought a Lamborghini Diablo with all the money he stole from WOLSA.
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 25, 2004
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a person who secretly and discretly loves the cock and can take it in multiple ways. Like bernie madoff he can take cock billions of times over without anyone knowing about it. In many cases the ringtone on his phone is " it's raining men" and his favorite movie is anyone that has barbara streisand.

Also and illegal immigrant that brings dildos full of cocaine across the border by means of hiding multiple one's in his anus.
B.B is a real dick embezzler , i saw him on gay bourban street with 6 guys on him at once!!!

Wow! I have never seen anyone take it in every orafice at once, that guy is a true dick embezzler!

Pedro and Juan have some awesome coke, but is smells like asshole! Sandra, are your friends dick embezzlers??
by scottytohottie February 5, 2010
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The process of glueing little jewels and diamantes on one's nether region
Philip went to the salon today for an embezzlement for a special occasion
by Tallulahbuttercup August 29, 2018
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When a highly promiscuous woman steals the attention of nearby men, and engages in sex with them.
Brenda: I can't believe Sarah is such a dick embezzler!
Joyce: I know right?! She slept with my boyfriend last night!
Brenda: What a bitch!
by Awesome Definitions Guy January 30, 2020
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