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Talentless, with a bad voice and an obnoxious teen-queen attitude. Rival of the much hotter, much better breasted Lindsey Lohan. The only good thing about Duff is that if she's drunk enough, all you have to do is go to the same party as her to get some teen-queen ass, but not if you're too old.

See jailbait
Bob- "Hey guys, last night I got hammered and I fucked Hilary Duff!"

Tim- "Shit dude, how was it?"

Bob- "I dunno, I blacked. Ask one of the hundred other guys at the party, they all would be able to answer your question too."

Tim- "Ah shit, they all got arrested."
by Demon Phoenix 1337 January 2, 2005
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Damn smart guy. One of the reasons that we have the good ol' United States of America these days.
"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. " -Voltaire
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 19, 2004
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when you shit and instead of coming out in one nice big happy block, it comes out in a bunch of little pieces reminiscent of rabbit turds, and then they float and appear to mock your inability to produce a proper crap.
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 7, 2004
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FUCKING REJECTS who are pissed off at the world, sad, depressed, condescending, annoying, bad at life and sex and halo 2, and can't control their emotions to save their ass from anything. Usually looks at everyone else like they're from mars. Makes me want to puke and fucking kill them all. Almost as bad as brits.
There goes an emo kid! Quick Goose, you got the .357?
by Demon Phoenix 1337 May 13, 2005
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My vehicle. A very reliable one at that, running a 4.0L I-6. I got a '93 Cherokee at 130,000 miles, put about 50,000 miles on it and i've only had to get a radiator hose replaced and the AC tweaked. Treat a Jeep well and it'll treat you well. Not to be confused with Truck or SUV. An F-150 is a truck, and a good one at that. A Yukon is an SUV, and a good one at that. A Jeep is a Jeep; it's been around since the word "SUV" still meant "Strategic Unmanned Vehicle".
Yes, the little ricers can go fast. But get them offroad and you can commence the punishment.
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 25, 2004
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City that is blessed by God himself... repeatedly.
I want to go back to San Diego and stay there, permanently.
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 25, 2004
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Damn cool game. The main reason i failed 10th grade, since I spent the entire year shut in the basement with Morrowind.
"Are you doing your homework?"

"Yes Mom!... Ooh, Golden Saint. Soul trapping time."
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 25, 2004
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