phrase used to describe a person, group of people or concept as being homosexual. the phrase originates from the song "It's raining men" by "The Weather Girls" (later by that slut, Geri Halliwell), which has been a song popular among the gay communities since it was released. often this is used to describe a person as being gay without using some trigger words which may arouse other listeners' suspicions.
Him. He's... ...ummm... know... ...a bit "it's raining men."

Not this song again. It's so bloody "it's raining men."
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It was totally raining men last night when I saw your sister walking toward the house.
by harlodjordan December 6, 2009
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1. See bukake. When a bunch of men "rain" their penis juice on someone.
2. When you ejaculate from a window, especially a high rise window and "rain" your little "men" towards the ground.
3. Someone, especially a man, who suicides by jumping from a height.
Yeah babies! Cum on me! Rain over me, ya fucking raining men! YEAAH!!

I jizzed from my apartment's window. It was raining men down there.

It was raining men when Jimmy and Marc suicide by throwing themselves off the building.
by related words November 18, 2011
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