1 definition by scottytohottie

a person who secretly and discretly loves the cock and can take it in multiple ways. Like bernie madoff he can take cock billions of times over without anyone knowing about it. In many cases the ringtone on his phone is " it's raining men" and his favorite movie is anyone that has barbara streisand.

Also and illegal immigrant that brings dildos full of cocaine across the border by means of hiding multiple one's in his anus.
B.B is a real dick embezzler , i saw him on gay bourban street with 6 guys on him at once!!!

Wow! I have never seen anyone take it in every orafice at once, that guy is a true dick embezzler!

Pedro and Juan have some awesome coke, but is smells like asshole! Sandra, are your friends dick embezzlers??
by scottytohottie February 4, 2010
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