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The act of two lovers running away from family and society to live together, traditionally in the north.
i'm tired of this life style, i'll elope with my girl
by alex March 04, 2005
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To run off with a lover and be secretly married, usually without the knowledge/consent of one's parents and family.
Ralph: "Hey did you hear that last January Jeremy and Courtney decided to elope and then celebrate in Niagara Falls?"

Joy: "Wow! They're married?! They've only known each other for a month! How romantic!"

Ralph: "It's the greatest love story of our time!"
by Snuggle Monkey February 26, 2009
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Two lovers running away from all that they have known to escape society and go do it.
"Me and Shizumi-san are eloping. We aren't coming back anytime soon."
by yuki sama May 31, 2005
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Running way with a love one at a young age. Getting married underage.
"Screech you can't elope"
"Don't call me a cantaloupe you melon head."
by Sarahw1253 March 30, 2015
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To get married in online form only
we went to (no advertising here...) and signed an online marriage certificate...we e-loped!!
by Tyler Swinn March 07, 2007
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Go hunting for an antelope, shoot it, stuff it, mount it, take a picture of it, and email it to a friend. e-lope.
I'm bored. Let's elope. *grabs gun*
Courtesy of Michael Aranda
by xzooginx June 23, 2011
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To run off and get married so you can be truthful to god and still do it..
I am going to elope with my luva Chris.
by kim November 28, 2003
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