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Michael Aranda is a YouTube celebrity with a following of over 60,000 subscribers as of June 25, 2010. He gained popularity for videos such as "Erosion" and "The Fiesta Beat" wherein he displayed his supreme musical and creative powers. He also co-hosted a channel called "VlogRamen" with his best friend Stefan Chin. Michael created a separate channel, "Whatimdoingrightnow", on which he updates videos straight from his Iphone that display whatever he was doing at the time.

A recent boost in popularity has come from a video which featured Alex Day (Nerimon) and Charlie McDonnell (Charlieissocoollike).

Michael Aranda has been known for his witty sarcasm, dyed patches of hair, and lovely articulation. (The wrinkle lines that appear by his eyes when he smiles don't hurt either.)

If you meet this curious man in the wild, be sure to greet him with Domino's pizza and some WoW gold to ensure safe passage.
Oh, that's Michael Aranda. He's pretty wicked sweet.
by YouDon'tNeedToKnowEither June 25, 2010
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