When a formerly homosexual (rather male) start dating and sleeping with a member of the opposite text, stopping meanwhile sleeping with any member of the same sex, without passing throught any religeous conversion/psycological camp.
A - Wasn't Gaylord gay?
B - Well, he was, but he started fucking Anna, and they're doing pretty well.
A - Did he go to some psycological camp?
B - Not at all. It happened like that.
A - Ah, i see, he did a coming back.
by AlbaricoqueBCD December 4, 2013
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term used in the cocaine trade to describe the weight outcome of the cooking process
Any time I bought 28 grams from him, I would cook it and it would only come back to 25 grams
by Lbs. May 30, 2008
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While giving a guy a blow job, let him finish in your mouth. After, pretend to spit it out and then kiss him.
I dumped my girl after she gave me the come back last night
by The Carters November 27, 2007
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A guy who keeps coming back into your life after he's already been dismissed...several times. He continuously calls and tries to contact you for weeks, months and even several years after the relationships ended. Especially popular term for those guys who never made it to relationship status but keep trying anyway.
I can't rid of Crazy Mike he's the worst one of my come-backs!

Speaker 1: You will never guess who called me last night!!
Speaker 2: Not who I think...is it?
Speaker 1: Yup, that crazy come-back!
Speaker 2: Which one???
Speaker 1: the worst one...PSYCHO MIKE!
by Denise Hernandez July 20, 2005
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When coke is cooked up and comes back as crack
Buyer: "No I wanted the hard"
Seller: "Dont worry it comes back"
by Ex-Dealer May 24, 2008
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You individuals are invited to return back to this location.
I know we didn't have the clues you were looking for but y'all come back anytime if you need help.
by DIGGERß March 28, 2004
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The skilled art of imbibing additional copious amounts of alcohol after vomiting alcohol consumed earlier. This exercise is frequently performed by a subject when trying to emphasize his ability to consume large quantities of alcohol over a lesser skilled, inferior opponent who is irrationally verbally confident of his drinking ability.. Often, this action is performed without the knowledge of the inferior opponent or onlookers as this may diminish the initial celebratory festivities that follow the defeat of the opponent.
-Yo B! Dayam it took you 3 bottles of crown to take out that foo that was talking shit the other night.. How’d you do it?
-Yack and come back cause that’s how we roll! AND I got pics of that foo barfing in the trash crying his sorry eyes out
-That’s tight!
by deux December 30, 2008
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