when you find the one person you can't live without. your soul mate that thinks of you and only you. and sometimes, when you are talking to each other, you say the same thing without knowing it. when you are separated, you feel so empty inside. when you can trust them in an situation. and when it comes to life or death, you would rather die and not them.
i am living the love story now. my boyfriend and i are in love and no matter what we just want to be together.
by flipflop666 April 22, 2011
A snap story where you talk about past relationships and who you talked to in the past and how that all ended
Add me to your hood love story priv I wanna see what happened
by 6pancakesonaplate February 19, 2020
A good love story is a private story on Snapchat that people screenshot to be added to. In the story the person talks about every person they’ve ever dated, talked to, wanted, or wanted them. Some even exposed people
“Yo did you see Larry’s hood love story”
“Yeah that shi was wild, can’t believe he posted her nudes
by Larry the lobster from nyc February 19, 2020
A snap private story where you talk about past friendships which didn’t last, how it all ended
by BadBitch009 February 21, 2020
People on Snapchat putting their business out telling the story of how their ex cheated or did them wrong in anyway.
Hood love story is another way of exposing
by Realiststatements February 22, 2020
A private story on Snapchat that talks about your Current relationship or past relationship that turned out to actually be good and not shitty.
Yooo did you see Mya’s Cinderella Love Story ?, It was mad cute
by Bootytalk65 February 23, 2020
A private story on snapchat where you spill about your past relationships and people you talked to.
"guys make sure you add me to your hood love story"
by NoneOfYaBusiness8175 February 24, 2020