derived from "urbanics" which is an unused word for the lingual pattern of paraphrased english speaking people of a lower class. Ebonics; is the ethnocentric translation which is later sold to the masses as a legitamite lingual classification to only represent another effort to condition people to percieve the white culture as civilized and all others as savages.
"Can you understand what that nigger is saying to that wigger?
They must be speaking ebonics."
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black people talk who are gangsters and engage in gang activities regarding slapping that *profane word*
ebonics: Yu mean mugging me cuddy?

English: Excuse me sir, are you gazing up and down my body as if you're seeing if i want to start something with you, my reproduction partner
by Hitlerslayer23_rules December 07, 2009
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Literally " Black sounds". or an African language used by African Americans that is not a dialect of English.
Haps in da hood? = What's going on in the neighborhood?

Jocking my style= Messing with me or copying me in an attempt to be cool like me.

You got beef? = Are you provoking me to engage into a violent confrontation?
by SmellyDaoust March 22, 2010
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Literally translated from "ebony" and "phonics", Ebonics is NOT slang, it is NOT an immediate label that categorizes a person's intelligence simply because they speak it, Ebonics is a Regional Vernacular that functions as a Middle to Older compostion of the English language; adding extra negatives, fluctuating tenses and simplifying past/present/future tenses. The Southern American Vernacular is the largest Accent Group in the United States and varies depending upon which regional dialect is in question. The term "Ebonics" has been misconstrued by media into having this reputation of being some "jungle-bunny language" that only non-intellectuals with violent tendencies are prone to use, when in actuality AAE (African American English) is nothing more than a sociocultural form of English that varies between cultures and regions wherein the Southern American English dialects are found.
Metathesised Form Examples: Graps (Grasp), Aks (Ask) / etc.

Dropping Copulas (most commonly recognized and associated with Ebonics): Who you? / Where you at? / Who he be? / Where he been? / You crazy! / Where you put it at? / She my sister. / etc.

Altered Syntax: Why they ain't growin'? / Who the hell she think she is? / Who you think you be? / etc.
by Lapin Blanc October 17, 2008
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The langizzle of da shizzles from da hood.
English Phrase:Nice Sneakers!
Ebonics equivalent: Drop them Nike off yo' fizzle for i bust a cap in ya'
by Deez Nuts July 28, 2003
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The format by which all UrbanDictionary examples are written.
Bitch be yackin at me fo' speakin wif ebonics so I slap her up and kick her ugly ass right up out my flibbity-flobbity-floop.
by Dem whait bytchez haz me spend December 24, 2009
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The usage of ghetto slang via social networks (Facebook, Myspace, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ect.)
Most often used by people who can write properly but choose not to.
Examples of E-Bonics could be described by using total improper spelling, overusage of capitalization or punctuation, replacing letters with numbers or characters, using confusing abbreviations and most infamously the pound symbol and a short quote.
Examples of E-Bonics:

"@y mAyn3 d15 1$H b3en b0th3r1n Me a1l day"


"SMH #ohsodamndisappointed"
by YoduhTruffIsHurr December 21, 2011
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