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Prosititot (pruh-aw-stee-tuh-aught) noun, is a word used to describe a young female child whose parents have dress them in age inappropriate provocative clothing causing them look like a tiny hooker. This includes all forms of pageant clothing, thong back bikinis, sequined tube tops, daisy dukes, high heels, big hair sprayed hair, false eyelashes, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, fishnet hose., slashed biker pants, motorcycle jackets, spiked wrist bands, slave bracelets and big earrings.
Poor Darin, his wife has turned his daughter into a prostitot!
by Dragonlady58 February 3, 2021
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The governmental media driven advertisement of ghetto life as a cool,fulfilling lifestyle choice.It uses the most effective forms of advertisement;movies, music and fashion and the purpose is not only to normalize the inhumane and cruel state of poverty but to glamourize it.Treating the ghetto as a product instead of as a social ill has created a fascination and desire in many to waste their lives in circumstances that were previously viewed as abhorrent like living under constant threats of violence,hunger,dilapidated housing,being silenced by fear and police brutality.Ghettotisment encourages people to make poor choices such as forgoing an education in favor of gang-life.It promotes loyalty to gang brothers but rejects meaningful romantic relationships.The bros before hos credo have young men embracing their brother and prostituting their women.Pimping, sexual and physical abuse and misuse of women are made to appear daring and sexy.Uncontrolled rage and violence,thuggery,car-jacking,armed robbery are stuff that makes a hero.Prison time has turned into the standard boy-to-man right of passage.Millions of innocent people are lured into criminal controlled neighborhoods fraught with cop-killers, recalcitrants,extortionists and gangs that prey on them. Rioting,looting,domestic terrorism and immoral codes of conduct are aplauded.Murder is commonplace.Ghettotisement creates mass acceptance of criminal militia forces controlling vast sections of cities.
Nah man I am so sick of Ghettotisements.
by Dragonlady58 March 7, 2021
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Blastardly Deeds (bah-last-turd-lee dee-dah-zzze)s) verb.

Blastardly deeds are deeds, action, intentions of a dastardly, blasted bastard.
There goes Ken up to his usual blastardly deeds again. Didn't he use to be a Bardtard?
by Dragonlady58 December 31, 2021
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Lesbraterian (luh-aye-zuh-brah-tuh-aye-ruh-ee-uh-ruh-uh-un) noun.

A term that identifies a lesbian libertarian librarian.
OMG! Sue is so cool. She is a lesbraterian.
by Dragonlady58 April 9, 2021
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Guvvy (guh-vee) noun. Guvvy is what A Hoodbilly or Hoodbetty calls their welfare government check.
Hayeh Latrinataint yourin’ guvvy acomin today?
by Dragonlady58 January 18, 2021
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Hoodbilly (ies) are a hybrid species descendant of mated humanoid Squatandrathal and hominid Whitetrashsaphien. They walk upright but lack evolutionary brain growth allowing the capacity to use tools. They survive by nesting in abandoned dwellings, buildings, cars, parks, vacant lots and sewer systems. This Ghettodweller class of Pseudo Human is kin to the Hillbilly and related to Whiteboianoids. They cannot wash clothes, properly drive a car, use running water or figure out how to wipe things clean with a rag. Hoodbilly enlist advanced thumbed races to shave their heads , to use razors for Mullet cuts or Mohawks. Tattoos, applied by other races of tears, barbed wire, skulls, crosses, 115%, shamrocks, sacred hearts and poorly executed likenesses of dead relatives festoon their bodies. The mating ritual of Hoodbilly lasts 4-5 days. It begins when a Hoodbetty gets her guvy and ends when it all spent it on drugs and alcohol and her children start complaining of being hungry. The usual signs of the male leaving to find another female are loud fights, hysterical crying, and the male savagely beating the female as she begs for him to stay. He will usually start the mating process again with the Hoodbetty’s cousin, sister, mother, best friend or aunt. They cannot dance or sing but insist on rapping to songs that do not know the words to or understand the meaning of words they manage to briefly remember. This style of music and dance is known as Hickhop.
I need to get rid of that Hoodbilly roosting in my shed before he breeds and creates an infestation!
by Dragonlady58 January 18, 2021
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(Lean-goe-ah-go-go) a word that is used to describe the 1960’s linguistic stylings. Particularly words made popular in cities that were viewed as progressive or Groovy. Such as London, New York, Paris, Monte Carlo etc. Austin Powers brought back to the forefront lingoagogo. Verbal stylings such as “Groovy Baby, Yeah!” “Shagadelic”, “smashing”, “jubbly” and beat nick lingo like chick, dig, fuzz, swinging, shades, hip, ginchiest are all examples of lingoagogo.
You are such Groovy Bird baby when you pontificate lingoagogo. It is simply smashing and it makes you totally shagadelic. A hip chick like you and your Old Man Randy should swing with me tonight. , It would be one class act and your ginchy jubblies would be the stars of the show. Dig?
by Dragonlady58 December 12, 2020
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