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A term that describes cool back in the day OG’s, hippies and hipsters. Peoples whose coolism lies in their old school back in the day ways. They have moral values that are fair, see all humans as equal, don’t steal, believe in the value of working for your living, hip, free thinkers with open minds. These people have a live and let attitude, is willing to a help a friend, a neighbor, a stranger. They find impossible to pass up a pan handler with out putting money in their hand. They are general non judge mental but to extent that they could be considered libtards. They are not afraid to stand up and stand against violence, racism, prejudice in all its forms, cronyism, corruption and government ills. They as a rule are anarchists. They don’t like The Man.
Lets ask Leroy. He is Old School Cool. He knows everything.
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by Dragonlady58 December 13, 2020

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1. muuk (verb) The action of taking things that have been discarded. Most commonly from business dumpsters and neighborhood garbage bins and curbside dumps. 2. muuk (adverb) The action of stealing (verb) things from peoples spaces such as homes, garages, purses, yards, office space, vacant houses, etc. 3. muuk (predicate noun)

Used to describe the actions, character or profession of a person. 4. muuk (adjective) used to describe the ease of which a place can be burglarized.
1. Let’s go muuk on eviction day.
2. He likes to muuk his “friends” houses.
3. She is a muuk.
4. That girl’s house is muuk.
by Dragonlady58 December 05, 2020

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(Lean-goe-ah-go-go) a word that is used to describe the 1960’s linguistic stylings. Particularly words made popular in cities that were viewed as progressive or Groovy. Such as London, New York, Paris, Monte Carlo etc. Austin Powers brought back to the forefront lingoagogo. Verbal stylings such as “Groovy Baby, Yeah!” “Shagadelic”, “smashing”, “jubbly” and beat nick lingo like chick, dig, fuzz, swinging, shades, hip, ginchiest are all examples of lingoagogo.
You are such Groovy Bird baby when you pontificate lingoagogo. It is simply smashing and it makes you totally shagadelic. A hip chick like you and your Old Man Randy should swing with me tonight. , It would be one class act and your ginchy jubblies would be the stars of the show. Dig?
by Dragonlady58 December 11, 2020

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A 1970s era erotic novel term for a vagina.
Her bearded clam wept.
by Dragonlady58 December 10, 2020

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Describes the state of a person cannot learn to speak, read, or write or understand the Ebonics Language.
Patient: Dr. Crakerjack when I find myself traversing through the underserved areas of our fair city I find myself unable to understand or to verbally communicate with the natives indicative to these communities.

Doctor: Whitey don't be alarmed, Perhaps it is nothing, but I suspect you might be EBONICALLY IMPAIRED. Let's get you checked into the hospital and run some test though before we panic.
by Dragonlady58 December 06, 2020

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The action of sitting on your man's face before his morning shave.
I love a good stubble hump first thing in the morning.
by Dragonlady58 December 06, 2020

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Craptastical - (crap-tas-tee-cul) a combination of the words crap, fantastic and spectacle. It is used sarcastically in a negative way. It is generally used to describe a failed, tacky or highly distasteful event, affair or gathering.
OMG! her birthday party was truly a craptastacle affair
by Dragonlady58 December 13, 2020

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