Hey Will, do you want to shoot some bball outside the school?
by bbare89 September 27, 2010
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basketball, not baseball and never baseball
basketball is lightyears ahead of baseball in popularity, thats y every1 refers 2 bball as basketball n never baseball
by L SSSSSSquared October 21, 2006
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1. a lesser form of "be back later" but a longer time period than "be right back" because brb suggests you'll be gone a short period of time, while bbl suggest you'll be away for an extended period of unknown time. bball is perfect for those "in the middle" situations

2. or bball could mean basketball or to play basketball
1. i was only going to be gone for a couple hours so i put an away message of "b.b.a.l.l."

2. yo dave, lets bball down at the courts
by FM`Dbonger November 24, 2006
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bball is when you are hanging out with younger siblingsor children, and you want to smoke marijuana.
you simply state that you want to play bball. knowing most younger children, they dont like sports like that.
this can also be used with football of baseball.
Yo my little brothers wack, lets go play some bball.

by scott dewart December 10, 2007
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