The state of being in an unofficial relationship, or "talking", where both individuals agree to only get with one another. In other words, a relationship without a solid title but both partners agree to commit to each other to a certain degree.
Lidia and Victor aren't going out, but they're exclusive.
by SloppyToppy April 3, 2016
Have sex a lot and feel more obliged to please each other cause you're not actively seeking STDs from others at the moment.
"Do you want to be exclusive?"
"Yes but I don't know what I want from this relationship yet."
"I just need to feel more comfortable about going down on you."
by soupfromthecoop December 18, 2015
Pronounced (eks-KLU-ziv)
The state of being in a relationship with someone where you are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, and there is no-one else involved. Usually attained after going on a couple of good dates with someone.
Jake: "Have you heard the news about Michael and Katie?"
Alice: "Yeah, I heard they've gone exclusive"
by LookNiceWords September 19, 2006
SEX a lot and feel more obliged to pleasure each other and sometimes make small talk on non-bootycall occasions cause neither of you are ACTIVELY seeking STDs from other people.
"Hey do you wanna be exclusive?"
"I don't know where I want this relationship to go."
"I just need to feel more comfortable going down on you consistently"
"K. Lets be exclusive. "
by soupfromthecoop December 18, 2015
hot, raw, pimp, tru, awesome, etc.
person 1- Da new Lil Wayne CD is exclusive nigga!!
person 2- Holla at ya boi!
by T-Moss December 5, 2004
Being exclusive is thinking that your shit don't stink
Hannah is acting all exclusive today...
by Hanako76 April 26, 2011
having sex with some one, or getting very intimate with another person
Hey what are you doing this weekend.
Oh my girl and I are going to get exclusive.
by b jacks March 5, 2008