Single handedly, the most violent race of human beings throughout the history of mankind. No other race of human beings has killed more people, raped more women, destroyed more cultures, or has stolen as much land as white people. White people are the most hated race of human beings.
Read any university level history book to learn the truth about "White people".
by The Happy Time Friends August 12, 2011
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Skin color of people of European descent. Look, the Western powers have been responsible for the most violence and extreme evil over the past few hundred years. Racism has been an indelible part of the modern European and American character. That includes racism against Slavs and Irish people (I'm a white Irish person).

Since the Nazis the American government has been the most evil force on Earth. It has prevented democracy in the Middle East, Congo, Latin America, Indonesia and other places. The majority of Americans (who are white) have been inculcated in a Propaganda System. They are duped by the seductions of mass consumerism into ignoring the exploitation of brown people domestically and abroad. Corporations extract resources from war-torn areas like the Congo and nobody mentions it. The worst thing afflicting white Americans is mass ignorance.

Historically, the affluent American white person is different to the more introspective white European. America and England have been both the freest countries and the countries with the most propaganda. The division should not be seen as between white and brown people. This is just another trick. The real division is between the rich and the poor.

However, many middle-class white people do have their head up their ass.
Francis is so entitled. He was raised by well-off white people.
by jjafro August 30, 2015
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The main ones on urban dictionary who define black people as ignorant and very fond of fried chicken. Some white people are scared of black people. But I'm scared you guys because creepy white dudes shoot up churches and schools, creepy white ppl lure kids to their van to fuckin kidnap them, creepy white people Vote for Donald Trump's dumbass
White guy: omg I'm scared of that black guy, mark you hang out with at school Timmy!

*at school*
Timmy: hey mark! I suggest you leave class right now, just a heads up!

Mark: ok!

*News at 7* Timmy fowler charged with manslaughter this morning as he pulled out and AK-47 from his backpack and began shooting at his classmates. 5 dead 12 injured.

White people: racist hicks
by nigga tf August 01, 2016
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The weirdest race to ever exist. Every time a trend is started, such as the dab, the whip, hit on dem folks, nae nae, etc. it always dies out due to white people trying to demonstrate said trend, and failing miserably.
White Person: *dabs*

Black/Asian/Other Person: *sigh* "white people..."
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by LAWDBENT February 01, 2017
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The race that is commonly misinterpreted as "evil" and "racist" by nearly every race. In reality all races are capable of evil not just exclusively white.
There's those fuckin white people again.
by A human male July 24, 2018
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People who are pale skinned. No defining characteristics, all white people are different, some are racist and some are not and should not be defined to an evil stereotype, just as black people and Asian people and Hispanic people and any other race are made up of individuals who only have a pigment in their skin in common with other members of that race. Racism is hate. Hate hurts everyone.
"For whether we are white or copper skinned, we need to sing with all the voices of the mountainโ€ฆ" "white people have lighter skin than black people"
by Rosolangelo the third July 03, 2016
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