A group of people, generic in all regards, just like any other. They are characterized by a low level of melanin production resulting in lighter tones of skin.
White people should not be made to feel guilty by identity politics.
by Publishers Clearing House August 12, 2018
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The race that is commonly misinterpreted as "evil" and "racist" by nearly every race. In reality all races are capable of evil not just exclusively white.
There's those fuckin white people again.
by A Human Male July 24, 2018
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The weirdest race to ever exist. Every time a trend is started, such as the dab, the whip, hit on dem folks, nae nae, etc. it always dies out due to white people trying to demonstrate said trend, and failing miserably.
White Person: *dabs*

Black/Asian/Other Person: *sigh* "white people..."
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by LAWDBENT February 01, 2017
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A race. An ordinary race. What else could it be?
Guy 1: I just had a school shooting...
Guy 2: Really? That sucks man.
Random guy: must have been the white people lololololol
by PI55 September 01, 2018
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People who are generally cringey AF, but some are decent. The cringey ones usually are hella spoiled or just have no life.
Person 1: Did you see those white people dabbing back there?
Person 2: Yeah. It hurt my eyes. There was one cool one though: he was just shaking his head at them and left.
Person 1: He did the right thing.
by ReallyIrrelevantSpider November 26, 2018
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