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A Graham is a really good guy. Everybody wants to be around a Graham because he is so cool & so much fun. He can be a flirt, but can also be just a sweet friend. He can be a good Catholic boy, but also has a very fun, playful side. A Graham has many endearing qualities. He's captivating, intriguing, thoughtful, sweet, polite, kind, & caring. Many are drawn to his magnetic personality, boyish charm, & his sense of humor. A Graham is humble & modest. His shyness & unawareness of his effect on the ladies, is quite endearing. He has a sharp wit & sense of style. Grahams are extraordinary. They have a name that sounds cool & striking good looks. The ladies find it hard to resist a Graham with beautiful blue eyes, cute dimples, & a sweet, disarming smile, & a very sexy voice. If you're ever in the position to kiss a Graham, kiss him as much as you can! Everyone wants a Graham to be happy & have a great, full, successful life. If you are lucky enough to call a Graham yours, take very good care of him. You are truly blessed. A Graham is a very special & rare find.
I'll always be sweet on Graham.
Wow that Graham can grow some great facial hair! Who is this guy? He's making the other guys look bad.
Ugh...Graham is kicking my butt in this game! Is there anything he's not good at?
That Graham is one of a kind & an all around amazing guy.
Graham rocks!!!!!
by PoP December 23, 2014
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stupidest fucking show ever
a bunch of man-hating skanks try to out whore eachother
by pop January 04, 2005
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a term meaning something thats fast which uses the sterotype of jews being tight with money.
i was out of that door as quick as a jew picking up a dollar off the floor
by pop November 21, 2004
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Noun: synonym or "stuff" or "items"
Look at all that shiznit all over the floor.
by Pop August 22, 2002
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A girl who plays bball at comunity centers.
"that girl is a total eboner in her bball shorts"
by pop August 14, 2003
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