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an overfed basement dweller that knows more about pokemons than women, yet systematically acts as a shield against basic macho insults, in order to get the graces of the maiden in need of rescue. A prick that thinks women need his help. The neglected beggars of the internet. The bottom of the barrel when it comes to founding a family, the last guys a woman would ever fuck.
-all the thumbs down for this gorgeous, beautiful female bassplayer are just jealous assholes : -your average e-white knight
by Spyan March 6, 2022
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Your typical obese, idiotic, consumerist, uncultured, ultraviolent, barely litterate american fuckup viewed by cultures that are not american (eg every other culture in the world). This doesn't limit to trailer trash too, this term also works for rich obese cunts that drive around in SUVs and eat 8 times a day. Just because you got a harvard diploma doesn't mean you're not elligible for the term. To the rest of the world, ALL of americans are trailertrash at best.
Funny thing is the british came up with this word, but they also came up with this despicable, toxic culture.
Thats right yanks : while you guys are stroking yourselves about being the best country in the world, meanwhile, the rest of reality constantly shits on what is justifiably seen as the most destructive, hypocritical, dishonnest, rude, toxic, violent, utterly insane, warmongering and counterproductive country the planet has ever seen.
Hey, look at that obese, badly dressed, lowlives disgusting bunch of fat asses over there : I can't here what language they're talking from this distance, but I'm sure as shit certain they're americunts. You just can spot them from two miles away. Lets keep away from these despicable assholes.
by Spyan November 15, 2021
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African american colloquial street language, slang and speech manerisms, eg "check it out ya'll, ma main man Gerald be rollin our way", which translates to "look everyone, here comes my friend Gerald". Usually involves purposefully incorrect grammar and syntax (as in "we be doing X"). Funny thing about ebonics, their use is supposed to be shun for sounding uneducated and uncultured. However, there's nothing white americans love more ebonic idioms (hold on, there is one other thing they like even more than that : shooting innocent black people for the hell of it). Hence modern american is now riddled with terms such as "|booty", "naw'mean?", "a'ight", "I'ma be buying the new iphone", "|dawg", "|holla", "my man", "getcha X on", "where my ladies at", "|whack" and tens of thousands of other words and sayings that just sound utterly ridiculous and annoying when pronounced by racist white people trying to sound gangsta thinking they'll impress people using expressions from a culture they openly despise. The term wigger even exists to describe people pretending to be black all the time because they think this will make them sound cool. But the teriffying truth is about 80% of the american population now talks like that, quite possibly without them even realizing it.
"WASPs constantly using ebonics is hypocrisy made flesh"
by Spyan May 3, 2020
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Aussie slang for a hippy. Ferals have dreadlocks, tie'n dies with loud, obnoxious neon colours, tents for pants, about 60 different bracelets and necklaces, smoke copious amounts of weed, never get tired of listening to reggae (and can actually tell songs apart), and are not too hot on working (they usually don't) or on personal hygiene. They commonly have only shit to their names (in order not to be bound by the system) and will happily ask you for food/booze/cigarettes/drugs/money/a ride/a place to stay or all of the following. You can have fun with ferals : eg : put a huge padlock in their ear gauges and throw the key in a sewer, preferably right in front of them. They're also non-violent, so knock yourselves out!
Yeah, I think we definitely lost bill, he's gone feral. After doing dreadlocks he got tattoos and quit his job. He bought a 4wd to go live in the bush somewhere, haven't had any news in three months.
by Spyan January 31, 2020
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Short for Retroactive Continuity, meaning later added events in a story that contradict an already exisiting chronology and plot, creating paradoxes or illogicisms.

But mainly a stupid, bloated, meaningless neologism created by basement dweller fucktard comic geeks who like to think kiddy stories about flying men in tights with superpowers is a very, very serious topic that needs near scientific jargon to be clearly understood.

And jargon is, as we all now, what idiots use to try and sound intelligent , when they are just refering to very simple ideas (perfect eg : using "concept" to say "idea" : same words, "concept" just sounds smarter).

Used mostly because it sounds like "defcon", and nothing makes an american's dick harder then cool sounding words.

Hence a million retarded military acronyms that sound like they where made up by a twelve year old : this trend is getting so ridiculously rampant that it even has a name : the dreaded BACKRONYM.

It goes like this : come up with a cool souding 5 or 6 letter word (eg WRAITH, VIPER, SPECTER, KAOS...), find words for each letter and try to make sense, eg : FANG (Fast, Adaptable, Next-Generation Ground Vehicle).

As for stupid but cool-sounding neologisms, Americans absolutely love this and think it makes them sound edgy, cool and intimidating, the rest of the world just thinks it sounds immature, childish and retarded.
"That wolverine spinoff totally retconned the original comic, I'm so upset I'm gonna hang myself with my xbox controller"
by Spyan September 13, 2018
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"Pédale" literally means "pedal" (as on a bike). Pédale is also used as a synonym for "pédé", which means "gay" in french. As in english, "pédale" is used to describe either :
-someone who is gay;
-someone that talks a lot but doesn't act.
Either way, means "gay".
eg : "putain j'ai vu martin gallocher sylvain, je crois que c'est des pédales" (martin just french-kissed sylvain, I guess they're gay) or
"comment tu te laisses parler comme ca, t'es vraiment la derniere des pédales" (how can you let him talk to you like that, you're the last of the wusses).
by Spyan September 8, 2015
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Contrary to what most people think they are, attention craving whores/bastards can be male OR female. A common noticeable trait is a general lack of interest by their own parents. Thanks to mom and and dad not giving a shit, ordinary people have to deal with them IRL or on teh internet. Guilty of spending too much time copying what "works" instead of developing their own personal qualities.
Noticeable symptoms BE noticeable : no personality, no imagination, despicable sense of humor, generally boring, spend waaaaayy to much time figuring what is LULZ enducing when they don't even know WTF LULZ even means. Driven by the motivation of copying everything that gets thumbs up on teh internet, even to the point point of impersonating people they can't even figure out. The worst kinds even post their own botched up photos because they are sincerely convinced someone will give a shit, even though mom and dad stopped caring 20 years ago when they bought the new Mac ripoff. Generally think they are "special", even though lacking the meaning of imagination. Most often then not put their hands on automated software like Photoshop or Reason and post the awful results shamelessly on social networks, thinking they are "artists" while their hollow shells mass up to buy more bigmacs. And still fucking complain. To sum it up, sad empty people you have to help/avoid, but life is hard as it is and not everyone is mother Theresa.
Attention craving whores still think marketing driven "music" and "movies" are actually good.
by Spyan May 24, 2012
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