A person who is is so cool that people have to give them all his/her love
Dude, nick is so cool. he is a total Floyd
by Floyd Destroyer February 21, 2009
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The ruler of all 19 continents, 47 planets, and 4 universes. Floyd is everything and a bag of chips! Although he did not create planet Yuggoth (Cthulhu did that), he is still very cool, indeed. He resides primarily in the Peru/kentucky region of the netherlands, and Blocky is his main messenger of the 7 and a half others
Floyd hates Pluto with such intensity that the cranberries may just explode.
by Vanzetti May 22, 2008
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Verb: to floyd, to hit someone in the face with a cat or kitten (other house animals may be used but this is not strictly speaking "floyding")
Ha that guy was such a dick.
yeah, arent you glad we floyded him.

Damn you I was trying to sleep, why did you have to go and floyd me.
by Eli117 April 13, 2009
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a punch, hook, knock out, or any devestating blow. Named after the boxing champion Floyd Merriweather.
I will f-in floyd you in the face if you don't shut your mouth!

Oh!! did you see that guy get floyded?
by NiNi12 December 11, 2007
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A nice sweet guy with hot grey hair. Can be intelligent and interesting at the same time. He can care for a friend when needed.
Person one: wish I had a best mate like Floyd.
Person two: he is so hot with that long grey hair!
by Unknownwolf921 July 28, 2020
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A suave, sophisticated and intelligent Aussie with great taste in music and an awesome sense of humor.
"Hey, Floyd is a really cool guy!"
by Floyd September 21, 2003
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A kind sweet, loving, smart person. Not a dosh bag.
Actually cares unlike some people.

Great person to hang around with.
Friendly, caring, just a great person
Hey Floyd , What's up.
by Coolnewman September 16, 2019
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