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sweet, smart, caring, given but sometimes feel lonely
Lucas is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. you know that he will always be there for you even if hes at the darkest moment, he will simply put on a smile and support you for whatever it is needed. although he makes other people happy, hes own life isn't perfect its self. Lucas works too hard and haven't lived a real life. sometimes pressured by others or ignored. sometimes he can feel misunderstood by friends, family, teachers. But he doesn't get that in the way when helping others, he is a true friend and if you ever let him go, you know you will regret it
by loyal.trustworthy May 14, 2012
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He is known to be a "flirt". Lucas is very nice when it comes to family, and friends. He is clumsy, and very sarcastic, but you come to love that about him. He may seem like a jerk when you meet him, but once you get to know him, he will be one of the funniest and sweetest guy you have ever met. He will tend to "mess" with girls but in a playing way. When he is in a relationship, he will love that girl but, he is known to not be in a long relationships. He has been known to cheat, but when he finally meets that one girl, he will change and promise to never cheat. He's known for keeping promises, you will have some problems trusting him but, once you two are good friends, you will have full respect for him and trust him more often. If you meet a Lucas in your life, your life will change forever, so keep him because, he might just be a keeper.
Guy: Dude! you gotta meet Lucas!
Guy: Whats so special about him?
Guy: Trust me, your gonna like him. He's Awesome!
by maveywavey24 June 16, 2016
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Lucas, from the first moment you look into their eyes to are filled with happiness and then the more you speak to them the happiness grows and you will start to like them. They are well known to be the most amazing nicest and kind peole on the planet and anyone who is luckiness you be i na relationship with a boy called lucas are the most luckiest people on alive! They are the most amazing lovely people!
"wow, i cant stop thinking about lucas"
"yeah, isn't he amazing!"
by The hench midget December 04, 2011
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Super-Badass kid. Usually does incredibly stupid things. All around leader. Extremely attractive and cool.

Fly as a motha-fucka.
Kid: Wow, he's such a Lucas.
Other Kid: I know right?
by niggajim13 February 25, 2009
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a lucas is usually a tall kid with big brown eyes, black hair, and he has the eyelashes of a goddess. sometimes people just wanna rip off his eyelashes and use them for themselves. if you ever catch a lucas on his free time, he's usually just playing roblox. he's amazing, shines like star, and he's very dank. he's very loyal, has the kindest soul you'll ever find, and is exactly what you'd expect him to be. if you ever catch yourself in a relationship with a lucas, don't let it die. let it last forever. lucas is the greatest boyfriend ever.
lucas : *blinks*
althea : "are you fucking kidding me? give me your eyelashes NOW!"
lucas : "BUT I NEED THEM!"
by althea.later June 15, 2018
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He's such a hilarious guy when you meet him. He makes other people laugh and he can be really cool and nice. If you've met a guy name Lucas, then go be friends with him immediately.
Guy 1- hey look, who's that
Guy 2- he's my buddy, Lucas, we are such good friends, come meet him
by Sigh jiffy January 23, 2016
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Bad-ass guy. Always doing stupid things that make everyone laugh. Always looks overly attractive, and has a hot ass. He is very athletic and muscular. Also, he's the hottest guy you will ever see. He is referred as The Sexy Mamba.
Holy shit! It's a Lucas! Look at his ass and muscular form!
by BadGrandma May 20, 2014
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