Someone who studies or practises Law, usually a member of the legal prfession as either a solicitor or barrister. very often the better lawyers are involved in fighting for Human Rights and Civil Liberties in courts and the academic kind often researches to find out what effects laws are having on real people.

Often insulted by people who don't know how hard work it is and how much the authorities and corporations would trample over their rights if lawyers and the law didn't exist.
"Look at that dead lawyer in Northern Ireland that was shot for supporting the wrong side, thank god there's one less of them!" - a stupid person
by Melchett May 1, 2004
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Thanks to his lawyer and huge pocket, the criminal continues to walk the streets.
by BlackRainmanlol August 18, 2008
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A person using methods you don't understand to solve problems you can't see
Layman: what beautiful day!

Lawyer: NO! it's a horrible day filled with legal issues! But fear not, because I am reasonably convinced that we can fix the problem of the possible undermining of competition law in the UPC regime, that will manifest itself as the UPC not allowing competiton law defenses in 'hold up' standard essential patent cases as the basis for a denial of a preliminary injunction in a infringement case even if the proprietor has given an offer that is not nessecarily against the practice of giving licenses on FRAND (Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) terms, but none the less has rejected an offer from the alledged infringer that certainly does fall within the scope of FRAND terms, that is likely to appear because of the inherent risks of doctrinal isolation, by simply broadening the scope of the indispensability test, thus, not only allowing a competition law defense because the would-be licensee intends to offer a new product or service that the propritor does not provide and there is a potential consumer demand for this product or service, without there being any objectively justifiable reasons for the refusal and that the refusal must must entail an elimination of competition in a secondary market but also if the proprietor is dominant in the sector and the would be licensee gives an offer that falls within the scope of FRAND terms, even though it might be lower than what the proprietors usual fees are.

Layman: The who the where and the what now?
by frey54 May 19, 2016
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A Hireable Liar...Will Defend You Even If You Are Guilty...
Bullshitinng Is Their Expertiece.
"It's Always Better To Fuck A Lawyer...Rather Than Getting Fucked By One
by UpperBlackSnake April 8, 2010
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I get in trouble for arguing with my parents. But lawyers get paid a shit load of money.
Wow you see that bmw with a guy in a suit.

must be a lawyer
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A lawyer or liar is an upper or middle class type of criminal who focuses on the single crime of plundering all their client's liquid or convertible assets such as their parent's home.

Their modus operandi is to overcharge very late, exploit archaic organisational skills & irrelevant focus to maximise client's costs then sue with immunity afforded by an organised Court & Justice racket operated by retired lawyers supported by an unwittingly working class home guard or 'law enforcement'.
I read anothet liar lawyer Big John McLintock QC has driven another part time working single mum to suicide for a few dollars more
by JC Buffoon April 21, 2019
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Someone you hire to cost you extra money and slow down your work.
I just got my lawyer to look over the documents.
by palysando December 23, 2012
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