An overrated thug who the mainstream media coddles despite all the despicable things he does and says.
Conor McGregor threw a dolly at innocent people, injuring three fighters. Media praises him as a "bad boy."

Khabib Nurmagomedov jumps into a crowd and injures no one. Media labels him a "disgrace."
by Donald Scum October 7, 2018
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The most bad ass Irish man to walk on the face of the planet. This man can take down a billion dollar business with his foul mouth alone. He whoops ass so hard they can't remember who and where they are. This man is Ireland's warrior.
That man's mouth is like Conor McGregor.
Yo! He whooped his ass like Conor McGregor
by ParzivaltheWrestler September 29, 2016
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This is the guy that can talk trash and can back it up like heck.
"Did you see this guy he was like Conor McGregor"
by HOPPINGPENGUIN54 February 1, 2017
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A fucking retard ufc fighter who fell from grace.
After he lost to that retarded ass russian his career has been spiraling down from where it once was
im willing to bet a small group of middle schoolers could beat the shit out of this stupid ass bitch
Person one: "Hey bro i love conor mcgregor"
Person two: "I wish you the worst in life. I genuinely wish for you to die. Im not overexaggerating nor am i lying to you. I hope when you do eventally have sex, which is quite unlikely, your penis gets stuck and you have to ampate it. If you're lucky while doing and you actually ejaculate into the womans vagina, i hope you get your female counterpart pregnant and if you do so and she gives birth sucessfully; then i hope you're children get successful and overshadow your legacy, hating you and letting you rot in age. Fuck you bitch, i hope you die of cancer. Son of a whore."
by OrangutanFeces April 14, 2022
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The new face of Mixed martial arts. He is also known as King Conor in his homeland of Ireland. His left hook can put a horse to sleep. He loves to pronounce three as tree and thinks as tinks. Well dressed and groomed he makes almost all his opponents look like fools before and after the contest in which he will take their heads clean off. He is known for predicting in which round he will knock out his opponents thus he is also known as Mystic Mac.
If you put Bruce Lee and Mohammad Ali together but better dressed you end up with Conor Mcgregor.
by Ramiro_pasterino September 4, 2015
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