Depo-Provera. "The shot" is an injection of hormones (similar to birth control pills) that keeps you from getting pregnant. Once you get it, your birth control is covered for three full months. Also called "Depo" for short.
I'm on the shot so don't worry about getting me pregnant.
by TheAbbot April 2, 2012
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The shot was basketball great Michael Jordan's supposedly last shot during his last championship game against the Utah Jazz.

It was characterized by a tiny push off against his defender, a nice release, a hold in the pose, while the shot goes in.

It won the Chicago Bulls the game and the championship
"Dude, the shot was better than that instant replay
by Joseph P October 9, 2004
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shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot EVERYBODY!
by thickymemes101siwa October 6, 2018
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A drinking game. Someone yells "SHOT-FOR-SHOT" and then everyone in hearing distance must take a shot of something that is at least 30% alcohol.
Marissa: Shot of vodka?
Alex: No, how about Fireball.
Marissa: That'll do.
Alex: Damn peer pressure.
by OMGWTFTSYAKM July 7, 2009
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Shot for shot is a game in which two males try to prove their manliness.

You would take turns striking at one another; the hitter can hit as hard as they like, and the receiver cannot move away to the dodge the blow. Generally played by hitting the arm, but anywhere is acceptable. Although the game is viewed as INCREDIBLY stupid, the winner is seen as "badass" due to the violent nature of the game.
Guy1: Dude, let's play Shot for shot.
Guy2: Shit, I can't even move from last time...
by JustAnotherCracker January 13, 2006
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When there is absolutely no chance that something happened/or is true. The phrase first gained popularity when it was heard echoing from a shipping container somewhere in Austin, Texas. It can even be traced back to an individual named Tyler "Dimmadomefuck" Niknam, from whom it spread like a virus.

It is typical for people who have adapted this phrase to use it continuously to the point where it becomes frustrating. Saying "No shot" ad nauseam has been linked with heavy cocaine use and having sudden bald spots appear.
"I did not commit the murder, i swear!"
"No shot, bucko! Vote him out."

"There should be equal treatment of men and women in this workplace."
" NOOO Shot!"
by Sauha_ September 2, 2020
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Indicating that an action has no chance in happening whatsoever.
Dude: When i grow up, i'm gonna be a successful millionaire.

Other Dude: no shot
by anonymousanswer October 16, 2010
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