A man who attracts women the way a magnet attracts iron shavings.
Babes can't keep their hands off that guy; he's a total chick magnet.
by Ben-Him November 23, 2003
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A person or object which attracts the ladies.
All the ladies want to pet my monkey, Oliver Clothesoff, everytime I take him to the park; Oliver is a Chick Magnet.
by T Boone July 20, 2006
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A chick magnet is a young male possessing of an exquisitely appealing physique far superior to that of any other man. The chick magnet is legendary for his notoriety for sexually arousing any woman with his mere presence and afterwards women tend to return to the privacy of their chambers to secretly abuse themselves to relieve themselves from the sexual tension incurred by meeting with the chick magnet. A chick magnet has been known to awaken sexuality in women and ladies have been known to go crazy from the arousal. A chick magnet is slick, witty, smart, funny and irresistable to women. He is the last hope of women who have developed a taste for vagina. He has been known to convert rugmunchers back to being good women. The chick magnet is the epitome of manhood.
Armed with his dreamy hazelnut brown eyes and his tantalizing forget-me-not smile Tropical James truly is the perfection of manhood. It is no wonder that girls shamelessly wet themselves upon sight of this notorious chick magnet. Tropical James is a hunky stallion.
by Bianca Caldwell May 23, 2006
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That which attracts birds as though with magical magnetic powers.
Mike is a total chick-magnet.
by hydroponics May 28, 2003
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