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A fixer is someone hired or on the payroll of an illegal organization. They can be anything from a hit man to a person that "can get things done", usually illegal. An example of "getting things done" can be intimidating or getting rid of witnesses to a crime, or murdering someone for whatever reason. Very similar to a button man.
The mafia had a fixer deal with the witness to a high profile murder.
hitman button man
by pulse.101 May 09, 2016
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1. A person who makes arrangements for people, especially illegally or deviously.
2. (Journalism) A local hired by a foreign journalist, often as a translator and guide, and often helps the journalist gain access to interviewees and stories.

3. A chemical used in film photography that keeps the picture from fading.

4. A person or thing that fixes; repairs.
5. A substance used to fasten or secure in place.
"Unfortunately the journalist's fixer in Afghanistan was killed by the Taliban before we could reach him."
by Amanrock February 29, 2016
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The man or woman who knows where to get items of dubious legal status. A mixture Fence, Scalper, and Concierge. Managers, Handlers, Fixers, and Gofers all do basicly the same job.
"My Fixer got me a great deal on these tickets!"
by Lizzy D November 09, 2007
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A highly skilled casual worker of any trade that will be called in to fix a particular problem, but not given part or full-time work.
I am constantly called in to fix really big cleaning problems, but never given regular work. I am a fixer.
by Thingsda August 13, 2019
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someone who goes into a relationship only knowing they could and would do good in that other persons life; the act of fixing someones life through a relationship, then turning to ending the relation after being 'fixed'.
Oh no, he's a fixer! My ex-boyfriend, who was a fixer, made me turn my life upside down, it was all for my benefit though, thank god he fixed my life.
by JayPierce January 01, 2011
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