What? It's just a number. It's just a fucking number. What else do you want from me? Do you want my money? Here. Take it. I don't need it. While you're at it, take my house, my car, my bank account. Hell, take me.
6000 is a number that is higher than the number 1 through 5999.
by Rocketlauncher23 November 12, 2020
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a baller-mobile that can destroy even the toughest mailboxes with its bad ass front bumper
The 6-twizy cost $35 and i signed the title Bott Van beland and it is now resting at CTR
by Bain ladin March 26, 2005
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FWD midsize sedan. A GM A-body made by Pontiac which was discontinued in 1991 (see Buick Century, Chevy Celebrity, Oldsmobile Ciera). They are very reliable cars. Even the old models, which go back to 1982, are very roomy, legally seating up to six with the bench seat in front. For some reason, they were offered with a 2.5L 4-cylinder; apparently they thought having a 4-cyl = better gas mileage. The car is so damn heavy it didn't get much better mileage than the V6 model. Early models, such as the '84, came with a 2.8L V6 and a 3-speed auto. Later ones upgraded to the 3.1 with a 4-speed overdrive.
I bought a 6000 LE for $20. It looked like total shit, but could leave any ricer sitting at the light. Didn't have a muffler either. Upon hearing the engine rev, it was mistaken for an old Mustang. Ownzer.
by Daniel Richards March 19, 2004
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Also used as MrBeast6000 often as the Og Giga-chad of Mr.Beast
Common Mr.Beast W

Mrbeast 6000 is defined as the Giga-Chad Mr. Beast
by Bro(pastense) January 22, 2023
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A fictional product that costs a lot of money to purchase and to maintain, and wastes resources. It either serves no practical purpose or greatly exceeds the needs of the user.

Often, Wastemaster 6000s are purchased by uneducated and unattractive men to impress other men in the hope that they will win friends.

The term is used to mock the uncool people who make these purchases.
Stanly Prickmeyer: Hey Joe, do you like my new barbeque? It puts out 800 000 BTU and consumes 50 gallons of propane per second. I can roast an elephant from 70 yards!

Jo Cool: Wow, is that the new Wastemaster 6000?
by fox July 26, 2005
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Perfect "teenager's first car." I got mine for my 17th birthday from my uncle. It's the boxiest car you'll ever see. Very easy to gut open and add in aftermarket stereos and starters.
People laugh when they see me start my shitbox P6k in the winter.
by Nameles October 28, 2004
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A mass of delight and wonderment. A rack so massive, so perfectly shaped that it defies all laws of nature. What 'bootilicious' is to hip black men, The Booby Tron 6000 is the nerdy white man's Great White Buffalo. Upon seeing the Booby Tron 6000 any man would immediatly fall into a state of denile and assume that the womam was a sex robot sent from the year 6000.
Dexter: OMG Erkle! Did you see that female's breast?

Erkle: Indeed!
*clears glasses of fog*

Erkle: This creature must be a pleasure droid sent back in time from the year 6000!

Dexter: She is... The Booby Tron 6000!
by Sweet Joe XXX November 4, 2011
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