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To play basketball. This derives from the basketball term describing bouncing the ball on the ground repeatedly.
Shizzle with mah nizzle, fo' used to dribble down in VA
Sure, with my brothers, for I used to play basketball in Virginia
by Delvan May 23, 2003
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v. When a guy or a girl places a hand on each of a girl's breasts and proceeds to dribble them like basketballs.
Christina asked me to dribble her double D's last night.
by bazookajoe May 23, 2012
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When a male slides his penis through a woman's cleavage repetatively. Also known as "boob sex".
John and Sue dribble all of the time.
by FingerLickinGood November 25, 2007
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After a male (or female if she has a penis) does after they get done pissing. After-piss. Something that I don't like to step in.
For fucks sake stop fucking dribbling your nasty ass piss all over the fucking floor and remove your tampon from the toilet seat as well!
by The Dalai Llama November 15, 2003
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Action executed by Homer when he sleeps
His Dribble is warm.
Homer, your dribbling on the pillow.
by Kairi-chan September 8, 2003
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