Someone who is foul and disgusting in appearance, attitude, speech and/or deed even by ghetto standards.
Darnelle: I got busy with dis bitch last night, Yo! She did everything! She pissed on me, threw up in my mouth, shit on my chest, and put big ass beads in my ass!

Tavone: And you came here without a bath?! Damn, D! Get yo' nasty ass away from me, Yo!
by Tenacious Faulker June 6, 2011
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Something really gross and disgusting.
Man, that was some really nasty ass meat loaf!
by bezel333 December 31, 2005
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One who's buttox is of a disgusting state or to describe a person who sleeps with many other people.
That nasty ass fucked my uncle!
by MUG March 7, 2004
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my husband has nasty ass got shit during while doing a 69 style. Then I'm trying to cum but i cant stand up so i forces him to used my baby babies wipes to clean hes shit on his ass.

so..i told him i rather to give him a blow job so i did !..when hes cumming i keep pushing him back right because im just about going to get blown up my poop with him....
i hate a nasty ass,sex shit,fuck up sex,cumming, sixty nine,
by by,miss rika March 23, 2011
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one who professes a large amount of bullshit and talking out of one's ass to make oneself seem smarter. One who is a complete pervert and like to cyber/talk to random people. one who is completely disgusting looking,wears one shirt everday, and has a large stache with achne.yumm!
Dom Piazza is an extreme nasty ass! eeww.
by smart peeps. May 2, 2007
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A nasty ass hoe is that bitch at school that wants to bang all the guys but can't get no dick
by Nastylittletwat December 28, 2016
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evil, corrupt doings by corporate hacks that maim and kill people; fuck up the enviornment and generally make things horrible
W.R Grace produces some nasty ass shit in Libby Montana. Sometimes referred to has asbestos. Recent nasty ass shit at the Smithsonian.
by spinger spaniel March 15, 2009
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