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When a male human species accidentally urinates on his clothings, visible to the public view - leaving a wet mark on the trousers, close to the genetelia/todger
Jenny: "Back from the toilet?"
Chris: "Yes, but i've fucking dribbled"
by Agent-VIP July 27, 2006
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to become extremely inebriated- intoxicated, fucked up- by combining any combination of drugs and or alcholic beverages.

Came from the fact that you often become non reponsive from being intoxicated and often have a blank stare along with drooling, hence the dribble of saliva.

Some contend it is a evolution of a previous undocumented word combining "drunk or drink" and "blow" (cocaine)-"driblowed" or something similar. Either way it means you were fucked up- more than normal. of Midwestern origin
I went to the club to get fucked up, ran into a snow storm, and next thing I knew I was dribbled.
by MC Scat Cat March 28, 2006
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