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An amazing friend who you can put your trust in. She's funny, sweet, and very kind. She knows when to be a friend and when to be a "parent". She gets hyper by the tiniest piece of sugar, but can sometimes remain in control of herself. She knows how to make people smile and laugh. She seems like the kind of person to always be cheerful, but inside she's falling apart. You will always want to see her happy and laughing because when she's down, you'll feel like you just died. Anna's the kind of person you never want to lose because she's the bestest person you'll ever meet
Hey, where's Anna?
She stormed out of the classroom, what did you do?!

Hey Mia, can you help me with hw?
Yeah, I had plans but I can cancel them for you.
Really?! Thanks
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by Melody_photo August 04, 2017
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Anna is....god there are no words to describe how amazing she is. She is very cute, very stubborn, short tempered and a little psycho. Anna is also sweet, kind, soft hearted, crazy and outgoing. Anna tends to be hyper and annoying at times, cute, sweet, kind and helpful at times, but then there is Anna's bad side...she is psycho, crazy, and a total bitch. Trust me you don't want to get on Anna's bad side. Anna is a fun person to date. She has many different personalities but in a good way. Everyone wants to date an Anna. She will brighten your day. Anna also is very sexy, although she usually dresses lazily, when she tries it's amazing, there are no words to describe it. If you get a good Anna, in a relationship, she will give you her everything. Once she gets attached to you, she is attached to you, well probably for life. She will have a hard time getting over you. Anna's only "click" with certain people, so if Anna is dying to date you, there is a reason. And she most likely will get attached. When an Anna is in a relationship, she is dating you to marry you, and trust me when I say that she will only be about you. ( that is if you get a good Anna) Anna is the love of my life, she is my wife, and if I lost her I would literally shoot myself. She was my high school sweetheart and Anna's tend to get crazy sometimes but you need to trust her. I lost her back in high school and it was the biggest mistake of my life.
I wish Anna was mine! I would do anything to have her!
by ciniful January 24, 2017
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The most amazing, just absolutely perfect girl in the whole world. She is just so amazing and just awesome at everything she does, she is absolutely flawless and doesn't need any makeup to be beautiful, all she needs is her wonderful one of a kind smile. Her smile is only the best thing ever and just makes you smile right back. She is all that you'll ever need and all you ever wanted. You'd be lucky if you ever got to make friends with an Anna.
That girl is so perfect , she must be an Anna.
by djnotdashi_6969 May 16, 2016
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Anna is quite shy at first. She finds it hard to make friends as she is so self conscious as to what other people think of her. Despite other people’s obligations, she can never see the good in herself. She is very kind and considerate and would do anything for her friends. They are the most important thing to her. Once an ‘Anna’ has came out of her shell, she is the funniest person you can meet. She has trust issues so if you have her trust, DONT lose it. Take care of your ‘Anna’, they are a once in a lifetime thing.
I have no idea why that Anna is so self conscious; she’s beautiful.
by speaker of thou truth May 02, 2018
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Anna is one of the prettiest girls you will every meet! She is hard as rocks! It takes a lot to bring her down. She will try her hardest to solve the problems you have. She can be very stubborn at times but that’s what makes her such a reliable person. She’s very loyal. There’s no changing her mind. She fits in perfectly! No matter what you guys go through, you will always get over it. She will always love you. If you find an Anna don’t leave her. She’s in it for the long run.
by Ryleebear3 December 30, 2018
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Anna is graceful and very outgoing she is very shy around people she doesn't know well and she is very loud and talkative around her friends. She is quiet in class and gets stariaght A's. Anna sounds AWESOME
Anna was shy in class today. But later I was talking to her and she couldn't stop talking!
by Anna7007 October 09, 2016
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Anna is most beautiful girl on the planet. She is typically really short with big eyes. She also tends to have insanely amazing curves. She is hilarious and very sarcastic, not to mention she's feisty as hell so you never want to get on her bad side. Anna is also one of the sweetest and most caring girls you will ever meet. She is passionate about everything she does, typically she does music related things. Not to mention her amazing taste in music. She's compassionate and gives some of the best advice, Anna is wise beyond her years. She’s also pretty dorky and fun-loving. Any guy would be lucky to date her. She lights up the room when she walks in. She tends to be very insecure but people don't really ever understand why. She can hang out with boys and fit right in cause she's laid back and is sort of a tomboy. She also typically has trust issues so if she trusts you don't betray her because she will make you pay for it. Basically Anna is amazing.
Guy 1: Whats your girlfriend's name again?

Guy 2: Her name is Anna, why?

Guy 1: You're dating an Anna? Dude. You're so lucky....
by JackAttack3431 August 12, 2012
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