17 definitions by refuze

a website where madden players go and post. they talk about madden nfl and offtopic shit.
by refuze May 07, 2005
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A movie ripping group that releases videos from DVDs and theaters on the Internet. They mainly rip DVDs now.
by refuze May 23, 2005
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Means either friend or enemy.
To Friend: Sup nigga? Wanna roll up some weed?

To Enemy: Nigga fuck you!
by refuze June 14, 2005
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a girl who likes to be seen with someone famous only because of their social status and their money.
yo check out that bopper man. she hangs out with 50 cent all the time.
by refuze May 07, 2005
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to throw your hands up in the air when riding a car to say "wassup?"
Yo, dat nigga just chunk duced us!
by refuze May 07, 2005
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Michael Vick was on Madden NFL to make a cameo of him saying "EA Sports, it's in the game!"
by refuze May 11, 2005
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