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A short appearance by a famous person.
Michael Vick was on Madden NFL to make a cameo of him saying "EA Sports, it's in the game!"
by refuze May 11, 2005

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The leader of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. One of the most underrated rappers of all time. He can rap as a crazy motherfucker.

Hit Tracks:

Thug Mentality
Street People
Getchu Twisted
Dummy Man
Lock Down Love
Put It On Ya'll
Krayzie Bone is the rapper from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.
by refuze May 05, 2005

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A slang term for "fire". Pronounced "fai-ah".
Damn, that bitch is on fiyah!!
by refuze May 28, 2005

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A slang term for "fire". It is pronounced as "fai ah".
Look at that chick in the thong!! She's on fiya!!
by refuze May 28, 2005

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a girl who likes to be seen with someone famous only because of their social status and their money.
yo check out that bopper man. she hangs out with 50 cent all the time.
by refuze May 07, 2005

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Someone who plays lots of sports at school and tends to base their life around competition.
I hate jocks. They think winning is everything.
by refuze May 23, 2005

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the dumbass (from atlanta braves) that is quoted:

"The biggest thing I don't like about New York are the foreigners. I'm not a very big fan of foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get into this country?"

Braves pitcher John Rocker
John Rocker is a racist muthafucka! Boo him when he plays!
by refuze May 13, 2005

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