Scottish slang for getting arrested for something.
"You'll get done for for doing that!" "Brian got done for assaulting a shopkeeper"
by Sandwich247 July 26, 2016
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Gonna have sex. Can be heard in movie called Night of the creeps.
"We're gonna get done dude."
by Fulhamm January 19, 2007
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Used by Maine residents as a term which designates the quitting or termination of their job.
Johnny: "Don't you still work at Johnny's?"

Bill: "Nah, I'm getting done."
by DesPERRYado May 20, 2005
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verb ( to get it done): the act of solving any problem, especially when you have no idea how to solve the problem. Not to be confused with "get er done" or "git er done" which are commonly used by rednecks for a similar purpose
Kellen: I don't know how the fuck to do these EE problems.
Erik: Well why don't you just get it done?
by xCAPTAIN DOUCHEx March 7, 2006
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getting the deed done.. as in beej or sex in someones house that you hardly know.. or just getting it done while your young
the term meaning
"get that done.." while your young
or just simply giving the goods to a duddler
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Drinking until you can't handle it anymore, smoking until your lungs collapse, enjoying being fucked up with your friends, having a good time, and doing it again the next day.
Matt Strapdaddy: Get It Done
by Sigma Alpha Mu DX January 26, 2011
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Sometimes stylized as "run up, get done up". It is a warning given out to those that seem to be contemplating making a violent move against a person or group.

Run up, in this situation, is referring to someone "running up" on another person with the intention of fighting or jumping said person.

In the given context, Done up refers to someone being on the receiving end of a beating.

To put it simply, it means "You can run up on me and try to attack me if you would like, but if you do I'm going to kick your ass."
"Do I look fucking scared to you? Run up and get done up, pussy!"
by ohword? July 19, 2020
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