Australian slang for techno music. Term first used in 1994 at the EBOM warehouse (Sydney Australia) by Sebastian Chan and the 'Non Bossy Posse'
by Andrew 'CC' Murphy October 29, 2003
Dance or techno music, usually played loudly in P (Australian Probationary License) plater cars. The P platers usually hoon around town doing Imfamous planned out laps while listening to Mega Doof Doof.
"Oh My God!! Look there's Stanley doing blockies with some doof doof on!"
"...Soak up the doof doof"
"Sweet Doof Doof!"
by H December 16, 2004
Techno music played loudly, usually in rice cars.
"Chuck couldn't sleep last night cuz all the riceboyz were doing laps playing doof doof.
by Mojo August 16, 2003
the sound made on a cliffhanger showing that its the end of the episode of 'EastEnders'
'I did it Max, I killed Archie Mitchell!'
by missssst. February 18, 2010
The loud bass in HardStyle/HardTrance music.
Person 1: WOW! the doof doof in this hardstyle song is loud!
by iceblockz March 4, 2008
is a hand gun of some sort.
i shot your mom in the ass with my brand new doof doof.
by daniel May 22, 2004
a very dorky or doofy person; one who is constantly making a doofus out of themselves
Missy likes to play on swings, but Missy doesn't know how to not fall off the swings and land on her face. Missy is a doof doof.
by Dave Chan August 11, 2006