Best friend you could ever have!
Friendly,funny,cool and the best looking boy in the world.
He's cute towards his girlfriend/crush.
But he acts his normal self around his mates.
He isn't afraid to approach girls and doesn't care what his friends say.
If you know an Archie don't lose him because you'll need him in your life
*approaches a girl*
Archie: "yo what up?"
Girl: "goooooddddd u ?"
*Friends see him*


*Archie friendly fights them and comes back to talk*
Archie:"where were we?"
*Both laugh*
by Kitkatxxx April 24, 2017
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Has a huge dick and calls everyone he meets a nonce
by YeetDaMoney August 4, 2020
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A fun loving, cute, often called adorable, little guy. Archies are the ones who are super fun and cool to be around, he can be super smart one minute but the next be licking your toe, Archies should NEVER be misjudged because even though shy when met, you all will get along tremendously!
Person 1: hey, archie

Archie: hi let's be friends

Person 1: ok! Your a lot of fun!!
by Thatsmartie May 2, 2014
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A wonderful, intelligent, sweet guy who's very secretive when you first meet him, but is a great friend once he opens up. He makes the grades, is athletic, and loves video games. He's one of the sweetest most caring guys you will ever meet in your entire life. A pervert at times, but you get used to it after a while. Don't let his simplistic look fool you! He's a very open minded person.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen Archie anywhere?
Person 2: Yea, he's in the library studying.
Person 1: Well, that's Archie for you.
by Princess Roo January 20, 2013
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Archie is a very intelligent guy who loves sports and aspires to be a pro athlete and at first is shy however becomes confident and a real g don’t mess with an Archie they will beat yo ass up and he DOES HAVE A HORSE SHLONG
Waaaw Archie is so fit and sporty and has a horse shlong
by Big shlong hahaha December 22, 2020
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Man with a huge cock
I shagged Archie last night , he was huge down there !
by Bluepigeon34 January 27, 2018
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Biggest cock in the whole world all the girls want there tong on it or all over it
Oi i shagged Archie last night and he had the biggest cock ever it was soooooo BIG he shoved it down my throat and in my vag
by Big dick mick it made me sick December 18, 2021
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