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A wonderfull man who has a great heart, and will love you fro who you are, and not what you have. he rarely goes for a relationship. He prefers the 'flirt and conquer' method. Sometimes Mitchell's are jerks but most of the time they mean well and even though the fights can get intense, it's only because they care so much and don't want to see you get hurt or feel like you're being replaced. he isn't afraid to let you know what a dumbass you are or how much you worry him sometimes. He doesn't mind that he constantly has to remind you how much you mean to him because he knows how thick-headed you can be. He is the best friend one can ask for and will stay around for as long as you will let him, you just gotta let him in and stop building walls.

He prefers girl's hair down and major fan of rappers
"He's Such a Mitchell."
by Babydukez November 01, 2012
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The sweetest, funniest, and most amazing person in the world. He is always there for me when I need him and is willing to love me no matter what mistakes I have made. He makes sure I know that I am loved and is willing to do almost anything for me. He has the greatest smile i have ever seen on anyone and he has such an amazing and sexy voice whether he is speaking Dutch, English, French, or anything else. He has the most amazing eyes that I have ever seen and I would be content to just stare into them forever. He goes out of his way to make sure I feel special no matter how tiring it may be on him. He is able to make even some of my worst days become my best. He makes me feel like I have someone to live for in life. He is my best friend, my coach, my mentor, my support, my guidance, and my love. He says and does the cutest things but desperately tries to deny them. I know that he will always be there for me and any girl who gets him will be the absolute, most lucky girl in the whole world because I know she will be cherished and I only hope that he will be cherished just as much in return. Mitchell deserves the best in life and he will achieve whatever he sets out to do. to sum it up, Mitchell is the absolute, without a doubt, best person in the world that you will ever meet. He is every girls' Prince Charming and he is your favorite album of all of your favorite songs. :)
Riley: have you met Mitchell?

Savannah: Mitchell? Of course I have! He is the greatest!
by MidnightAmber November 30, 2013
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Mitchell has a strong sense of right & wrong. He has countless friends by never making anyone feel "low on the totem pole or less than himself." Mitchell is a natural born leader with unlimited potential. This guy knows what cool means. He would not hurt anyone on purpose but nobody messes with this guy. He has an authoritative presence, knows how to set boundaries yet still protective and reassuring. He will listen to you. It's a challenge in itself to dislike Mitchell. Respect and ethics are not lost on this gentleman. We need more people in the world like him. I sincerely hope he recognizes his own remarkable traits & gifts.
Mitchell is a righteous dude.
by Bernadette Avis June 27, 2017
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He's plainly a really weird but funny guy when you first meet him but after you get to know him better you understand that he simply is a guy with a great heart and steady mind. He loves to sing, act, etc. He always falls for girls but can only think of one that he goes to practice with everyday. (Viv) He has big blue eyes that you feel like you could get lost in and has blonde hair and super cute freckles. He simply just is a great guy and if you ever meet a Mitchell stop and talk to him he could just help you out because he loves to stand up for people and he will ALWAYS be there if you need him.
Person #1-" Did you talk to Mitchell cause I think he really likes you"!
by Heyits_aperson June 16, 2017
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Often referred to as Mitch, can be the bestest friend, best lover or best enemy you have. Has great advice, cares for you and can annoy you at sometimes. Often is on videogames which is where you may meet him. Mitchell's are very attractive and are very easy to miss.
Wow, I thought I was so screwed but Mitchell helped me out

At first I thought we would stay as friends, but now I miss him
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The most amazing guy you can ever meet. Once you start talking to him you can't stop. He is like a drug. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, great barbie-ish laugh, tall, and extremely sweet. His family gets complicated at times but he usually can get through it. He needs people to be there for him. He truly only loves one person. He will hurt you, toss you around a little, but in the end, you were the only person he loves. Even though it may not seem like it. He has the most interesting perspective of life. He will love you forever no matter what you put each other through.
Guy: Is that Mitchell?
Girl: Yea, he is amazing
Guy: Didn't he date most of your best friends?
Girl: Yea, but that doesn't matter because I love him anyway, and he feels the same way.

Guy: Just don't get hurt
Girl: If anything, I will hurt him back...
by Nalleeewaayyy<3 April 18, 2013
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The most amazing boy in the world :) he's hilarious and just thinking about him at any moment makes me smile. He's so nice and caring and is a good problem solver. He may not be the most sporty or strong guy in the world but he's perfect to me and I love him to death. Plus he's super hot anyway (Willard Mitchell Hot Railsback) he's really smart too and I feel like I can talk to him about anything like he's my best friend. There isn't a second in a day where I don't want to be around him and hold his hand and hug and kiss him because every time he touches me I get butterflies and can't help but smile. He has the sweetest blue eyes I've ever seen in my life and I could stare into them forever.
Also I can always just be my weird self around him and I can sing around him and not feel all awkward (haha) and even though things do get awkward here and there, I wouldn't trade a Mitchell for the world!!
Ahhhhhh!!! Willard Mitchell Hot Railsback is over there doing the unicorn lol he's so perfect for me!!
by THE BESTEST SISSY EVAHHH!! March 20, 2013
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