Mitchell has a strong sense of right & wrong. He has countless friends by never making anyone feel "low on the totem pole or less than himself." Mitchell is a natural born leader with unlimited potential. This guy knows what cool means. He would not hurt anyone on purpose but nobody messes with this guy. He has an authoritative presence, knows how to set boundaries yet still protective and reassuring. He will listen to you. It's a challenge in itself to dislike Mitchell. Respect and ethics are not lost on this gentleman. We need more people in the world like him. I sincerely hope he recognizes his own remarkable traits & gifts.
Mitchell is a righteous dude.
by Bernadette Avis June 21, 2017
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A wonderfull man who has a great heart, and will love you fro who you are, and not what you have. he rarely goes for a relationship. He prefers the 'flirt and conquer' method. Sometimes Mitchell's are jerks but most of the time they mean well and even though the fights can get intense, it's only because they care so much and don't want to see you get hurt or feel like you're being replaced. he isn't afraid to let you know what a dumbass you are or how much you worry him sometimes. He doesn't mind that he constantly has to remind you how much you mean to him because he knows how thick-headed you can be. He is the best friend one can ask for and will stay around for as long as you will let him, you just gotta let him in and stop building walls.

He prefers girl's hair down and major fan of rappers
"He's Such a Mitchell."
by Babydukez November 2, 2012
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Mitchell is super fucking hot. All the girls want him, but they never say anything because they are afraid he wont think their pretty. But In reality he is super nice and honestly the sweetest. He also loves video games.
by Aliaya December 3, 2019
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He's really really funny and can pretty much crack a joke at any time. He's so nice and thoughtful and cautious of everyone, but yet he sometimes can get a little salty... he's really cute and has great hair. Usually kind of shorter, brown hair and freckles.

He is the best at exposing or roasting people and tends to do it a lot. It's funny though. He's a really great guy and always knows how to cheer people up. He acts as if he's friends with everyone and a lot of people like him. He's considered shorter for his age as well.

He is great with ladies and always knows how to make the right moves. He is great at keeping on-going long-lasting relationships and hates to hurt someone. He is often called Mitch, by teachers and friends. It's a suitable nickname I suppose

Overall, Mitchell is the greatest guy anyone could meet and the best friend anyone could really ask for.
Guy 1: I'm so jealous of Mitchell

Guy 2: I know right! I wish I looked like that ...
by Hmm_66 April 28, 2017
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Mitchell’s are kind people who are very stand off-ish but are very open once you get to know them. Mitchell’s preference to have a small friend groups and fucking hate all Connors with a passion. A Mitchell will always help a friends and Mitchell’s are very strong and scary. Always followed by women and Michaels (their best friends are usually called Michael) alike, he is a man that breathes cool. He has one of the Biggest dicks in any room (8 to 15 inches). They also get annoyed by Liams pretty easily.
Person 1: Who’s that?
Person 2: That’s Mitchell
Person 1: He’s so dreamy
by Mr_Squares August 22, 2019
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Mitchell's are by far the most inquisitive, interesting, gorgeous and chivalrous people you will ever meet. Often nicknamed Mitch, they are hard-workers, diligent, intelligent and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They're outdoorsy, sweet and supportive of their friends. Can be blunt when it comes to talking about emotionally driven topics (ie Death), but always has a refreshing perspective of life and possesses grounded morals. Has stunning blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, likes anime and quantum physics and tells dad jokes (and often is a dorky-dad like person). Doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks or believes about them. If you're best friends or dating a Mitchell, you already know how lucky of a person you are, and you've already realised that it's impossible to ever let someone that precious ever go.
Girl 1: Have you met that Mitchell guy from camp?

Girl 2: He's super sweet, but he just kept talking about Scouts!
by jonesy_22 October 30, 2019
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A Mitchell can get loads of girls just by walking by them
Girl 1: OMG! mitchell is so Hot!
Girl 2: i think he likes you!
Girl 1: he asked me for a date!
Girl 1: i hope it ends in bed!!
by Sheiny77 April 26, 2018
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