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Descriptive of and pertaining to acts or behaviours that come across in a somewhat off-kilter or awkward way that can be seen as any combination of clumsy, uncoordinated, silly, strange, ditzy, dizzy, loopy, nerdy, geeky, odd or offbeat, sometimes infused with unintentional humour. Doofiness can strike any one at any time, known as spontaneous or acute doofiness. Some suffer from prolonged or lifetime doofiness, such as individuals with Asperger's syndrome. These individuals often possess average or even above average intellectual ability, but often are predisposed to social, communicative, and/or coordination issues which very often manifest as doofiness.
Kate can be so doofy! She just walked head first into the closed door.
by Tony... November 20, 2007
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Combination of the Latin word doofus, meaning an incompetent tool and the word goofy. A goofy doofus.
Finn, Meadow Soprano's doofy boyfriend, saw Vito giving a hummer to a security guard.
by Stace June 08, 2004
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Someone how acts really goofy and does stupid, idiotic things.

You look at them and want to say DOH! and smack your forhead.

A name to call your friend.
Ginny told her friend Kristen about how she was jumping up and down on the elevador and in the process lost her room key from her pocket. Kristen looked at Ginny and said: "Good one, DOOFY!"
by Ginny Price May 02, 2004
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Commonly known as the retarded policeman from Scary Movie 1. Doofy is known to call someone retarded. Also called Doof.
"Forest is such an idiot!"
"I know he's such a Doofy"
by Michael Bolton's Mother's Moth October 30, 2011
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An individual who posesses many dull unique characteristics, none more important than being a goofy bastard and uncoordinated beyond belief.

A person.... no wait, retard who stumbles around in utter cluelessness.
Ex. Todd Rubel (Westport, CT)
by jesse and zack November 12, 2004
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a name to call anybody for a stupid thing done.
Mayo: "Dirty Darius is mad doofy for trying to climb the huge fence, then he got stuck"
by Nick Mayo October 22, 2008
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Meaning stupid, retarded, anything of the sort etc.
Anna is a stupid doofy, who runs into walls at night.
by kim jong illl January 31, 2010
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