1) the phrases, styling, attitude, and associations one chooses to present to the world in order to assert an unique identity. the characteristics that make you you.

2) sarcastically. used in conversation to hide embarrasment from a mistake or lack of social grace.
1) Brad: wha? another trip to Africa? we can't pick up anymore kids.
Angelina: got to do it, baby. that's my brand.

2) groom: your toast was really memorable. i've never heard anyone burp into a microphone before.
best man: what can i say, dude, that's my brand.
by wahoo lon January 8, 2011
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Hey dude, don't go in the bathroom for awhile unless you enjoy my brand.
by Schooling Schswoogies July 8, 2016
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Overusing or continually stating another persons coined phrase results in diluting their brand. People who imitate others often succeed in diluting their brand. When someone's brand is diluted they often lose respect and often become very angry at the person who diluted their brand. Diluting someones brand is an unspeakable crime often punished by death.
Ray said," Willie is diluting my brand by constantly saying "doin work."

Many white people often dilute the brand of rappers by using their lyrics in everyday conversations.
by Ian Slayton May 4, 2007
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A term used by Shane Dawson. It is use to describe a person that steal your ideas and copies the things you’re doing. There fore they’re stealing your brand.
jake paul stop stealing my brand
by Bella San Nicolas December 29, 2017
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not my area of expertise
boy: dad can you help me with physics homework?

father: non, physics is not my brand of whiskey. i am a chemical engineer.
by Sexydimma June 7, 2012
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a usually funny and harmless form of shading, bashing, or dogging on someone’s belongings, realationship, beliefs etc.
OMG, Zoe is saying that Nick and I wouldn’t work as a couple! She needs to stop coming for my brand!
by babyspicymemes January 24, 2018
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not my area of professional expertise
man 1 ): how did Hitler commit suicide: by taking a cyanide pill or shooting himself in the head?

man 2) no bloody idea. this is not my brand of whiskey, I'm a biochemist anyways. go to a history department, they may be able to help you there.
by Sexydimma June 6, 2012
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