A sweet guy who can never understand how big his heart is. He is one of the most loyal and trustworthy people you can ever meet. Chan’s always notice the small things in life and they are always grateful for everything. Most guys would love to be like Chan when it comes to the factors of how sweet and caring he is. His heart is so open and kind, but when he finds who he thinks is “the one” he makes them feel so appreciated and love. Everyone should have a Chan in their life.
Chan is one of the kindest most loving people you will meet.
by CC- January 22, 2019
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An emotional support kpop boy that will actually support you and listen to your concerns and help you in any way possible, he will give you a hug in a heartbeat
"He makes me feel so loved and appreciated he's really Chan huh"
by AngelChan April 14, 2019
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a japanese honorific, or suffix added to the end of one's name. chan is usually used when:

1. the person is a small child, ie, younger sibling or friends sibling

2. the person is cute, usually younger, usually a girl

3. can be used on pet cats, dogs, etc..

-chan is mostly used by those in the anime community in america. chan is not often used unless you are familiar with that person and they are younger then you, or they are someone you are familiar with's younger sibling. since chan can mean cute, some boys looking to be manly may be a bit offended by it. also, it should be noted that the suffix chan is used mostly among friends. you wouldnt greet a freshman you dont know as chan, but perhaps as <their name>-kohai. (kohai meaning something along the lines of lower classman)
1. Oh look! its my little brother! hello Jay-chan!

2. look at Felicia-chan's cute dress ^-^

3. Here comes Kitty-chan! What fluffy paws she has!
by the TRUE [11] October 5, 2005
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A caring boy, almost like a brother. Cute and hot at the same time, ‘korean’. Generous with a great sense of humour, always there for you.
Ah he is adorable...yet so hot.’
‘He’s probably a Chan’
by Neko Neko January 23, 2019
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(in Lahnda, Punjabi, Dogri, Pahari, Panjistani, Poonchi language varieties) Moon
"My chan has come back home to light my dark nights"
-a girl after her lover returns to the village in Rajouri from Jammu where he works at the Maharaja's court

"Chan Kithan guzari"
(Name of a folk song )
by QueerKutta July 17, 2020
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A Cantonese surname.
In Chinese, Chen.
by Jason513 February 15, 2008
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The word you'll hear the most when walking down Kamurocho.
"Fuck off Majima-san!"
by Kamurocho Citizen September 19, 2023
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