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anal dip shit means that u r and anal (ass hole) and a dip shit at that same time
(there is no point of saying it just say dip shit
by daniel March 11, 2005
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A word used by sick furries in order to pretend they aren't furries, when they still in fact draw animal-people.
"I'm not a furry, I just like anthro-doggies!"
by daniel January 20, 2005
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Man that passes that dutch and bobbles head while in the motion. Hanh
Hey did you do the Ly over durr.. Hanh...
by daniel June 24, 2004
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Any member of an American-manufactured family of fully automatic submachineguns known as the Ingram models 10/11. Most come in either the .45 caliber or 9 millimeter variety.
Some suckas pulled their straps on me so it was Mac-10 to the rescue.
by daniel March 26, 2002
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A man from The isle of mann, between britian (best damn country ever) and ireland.
That bloke over there is a bloody maink
by daniel January 21, 2004
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male prostitute pimp as depicted in
"Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigolo"
"Now I will become your Male Madame and you are my man whore!"
by daniel November 29, 2003
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If you were to draw a Venn diagram that had the following specific set circles:

"Music", "Motion", "Excellence", "Sweat", "Pride", "Spirit", "Culture", "Cult", "Community", "Art", "Education", and "Family"

the zone of common intersect would be labeled "Band".
If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.
by daniel December 07, 2003
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