Same as fluffer; person on porn movie set whose job it is to keep male cast erect by providing oral sex.
The plater wasn't good enough at her oral craft to keep Sir Fuxalot hard enough for his next scene.
by TheCurmudgeon October 29, 2011
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a retard; one who usually is suckish at gaming.
Dude! That guy is such a plater at WoW
by xKaZx April 28, 2008
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the practice of taking someone else's restaurant order or meal ideas and passing off the selection as one's own, particularly when copying someone else's order after they have given it to the waiter or counter operator.
"Hey guy, I told you that was what I was going to order a minute ago, I call platerism!"
by DeadZedBaby September 18, 2015
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A chick that has perfect boobs; ones that u can sit down on a table plater
by ranran November 10, 2006
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Nickname for a Christian derived from "L" and "P" plates young drivers wear when they first get their drivers license in Australia and other countries. See l-plates
1. Wow I had no idea Jack was a c plater!
2. Kate's really hot, and she's a C plater as well, thats awesome!
by gronk September 17, 2007
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When one person lays down and gets shat on by 4 other people
Hey Paul can me conner cooper and jaxon give you a Greek plater when you finish work?
by Hey man268- January 19, 2018
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the perfect mouth for a really decent blow job, usually voluptuous lips
" what lovely lips, a plater's mouth if ever I saw one"
by ninesheets November 09, 2009
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