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The most beautiful and amazing girl in the world. She has a smile that can light up a room and gives hugs that make all of your troubles just melt away. Missy is a naturally beautiful girl and she will always have a special place in your heart. Don't ever let go of her. She also likes ostriches.
Girl: hey you like missy right?
Guy: yeah im too scared to ask her out though
Girl: just do it. She likes you dude.
Guy: *dies of excitement*
by Zero3 December 09, 2012
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Noun, Person, Informal

1) Term of address for a girl or young woman, often expressing affection or reprimand (informal).
2) Slang for "miss", endearment, used often as a nickname, usually for a very outgoing hot young girl.
3) A petname used to/for a girlfriend, a crush, or a flirt.
"You're in big trouble Missy!"
"Missy is awesome!"
"Hey Missy, can I take ya out tonight?"
"Good god Missy, you're looking gorgeous tonight!"
by Aaron Horrocks February 02, 2005
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a very awesome chick, who yes happens to look or be high half the time. she constantly cracks joke and sometimes wont shut up. when she does its only to look at you like "what the fuck?" because she thinks you said something stupid. they are fun and can be teases, but are NOT whores. trust me, i know one.
Wow, that girl is such a missy. We should definately chill with her.
by Maditheincredible February 05, 2008
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A Missy is a real character. Missy's can be found performing strange but hilarious skits for friends, or even perfect strangers, that will leave you wondering "What the F?"... while peeing your pants in laughter. Missy's are true friends that will always be there for you. You are lucky if you know a Missy for they bring sunshine into your day. Though they are odd, they are original and beautiful human beings.
Rachel: "Hey Missy, how you doin over there?"

Missy: "I'm ready! Got my spf 90 on, I'm wearing blue and orange, and my mommy thinks I'm "SPECIAL." ...

(she stops and does a cartwheel randomly, all while not spilling a single drop of Coor's light!).

Crowd: "Astounding!" (much applause).
by Rachel112380 July 11, 2009
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Loveable sweet girls who love to have fun and allways the life of a party. Very sexy . Girls are often jelouse of them!
Holy see that sexy missy at the party last night
by Missyx0x0 September 04, 2010
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girls who like to run around naked and throw their clothes into trees
That bitch pulled a missy and ran through town jumpin into hot tubs naked!
by missy chaklos November 16, 2006
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