1. a slang name for a male's penis. AKA "ding dong" and many other names.

2. a monetary unit in Vietnam.

3. a proper surname for a male, used in the Chinese and Vietnamese languages and maybe other tongues spoken in the Orient.
1. when the awesome Billy Idol performs his hit "Dancing With Myself" he is referring to the fact that he's shaking his dong.

2. Raymond Slate bought a rug from a street vendor in Ho Chi Minh City for 60 dong.

3. The instructor in a college Computer Science
class introduced himself as "Professor Dong Chi-Zeng". He wrote on the blackboard his surname in huge letters: DONG. He said, "You can just call me 'Dong'". He went on to state that he got his degree at the University of Taipei and so on. Bryan whispered to Dan, "I don't care if that is a common Chinese name, I ain't gonna call him a DONG!"

4. I told my Vietnamese friend in college that the word "din" means "clamor", "racket" and "noise" in English (in Vietnamese "din" means "stupid"). He really got a big laugh when Ralph told him that in English "dong" is a slang word for "penis".
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 07, 2008
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The acronym for (Things to) Do Online Now, Guys. Made famous by VSauce, a YouTuber.

It can also be used as a noun, respectively.
"Hey, man check out this DONG!"
"Woah. That is an amazing dong."


by mintyfresh9080 May 07, 2012
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A slang term used by the daily fantasy writing community to describe a home run in the game of baseball
Mike Trout hit a 420 foot dong tonight
by RSandersRX May 25, 2015
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A big Stupid chicken asshole who can’t spell the word channel. He eats popcorn bags unopened and lick the inside of toasters.
by Mr.puppet October 23, 2019
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