a big ding dong 9" re (gosh that is big)
o my god (omg) is that feal
iv got a big ding dong and it is 9" er and yes it is real

gillis fa bathgate get that out ur gub no u cant get a shot of it
by Johnny Dong July 6, 2004
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DONG, derrivitive of DOUG HORN
by dong horn May 11, 2004
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an unseperable combination of two gay lovers, one named donald and the other named jong.
by bob'syouruncle November 22, 2008
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A shortening of 'Ding-dong destroyer', Basingstoke ryhming slang for a bong
by Steve Brennan December 10, 2003
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an idiotic person, a completly dickhead , someone that has no brain whatsoever and lives a meaningless and pointless life.
"ugh look at that Laura girl, what a dong"
by jimbobjoeyfeen February 22, 2010
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a mix between dosh & wong (money)
"hold up i forgot my dong at my manor"
by Mena Iainttellinu October 9, 2003
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When someone is shot by a sniper rifle but does not die, or even take offense to the shot. (Word mostly used in video games)
Snake oil : What the fuck i just totally donged that douche fag.
Random Pie : Well, my friend, thats a dirty shame.
by snakeoil98 January 22, 2009
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