Someone who you don't want to meet in prison when you have your pants sagging on accident, or in the showers.
Inmate 1: Hey, wheres Jerry?
Inmate 2: He ran into a Big Dong in the locker room.
Inmate 1: Oh, he ain't gonna walk right for a week.
by Zadsda December 20, 2014
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Tim: look at my big dong
Divani: wow daddy you wanna blow job
by Yo dad A February 5, 2020
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Multiracial terrorist group known for harassing minors in ROBLOX.
Did you see the Big Dong Boys? They're coming our way!
Oh my god, what?! RUN!!!
by cringe terminator October 8, 2021
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This is a description of an older gentleman, who is well off, wears velour sweatsuits, and his bulge is unmistakably noticeable to all that he is around.
I was at a gas station, and this guy in his 60’s starts hitting on a girl half his age. She told him she would love to hang with a Daddy Big Dong. The woman he hit on is now my ex wife!
by Tee Cee Deez February 27, 2019
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1. A mythical creature rarely seen by human eyes. Those whom have seen it were so mortified by the grotesque sight of its incomparable penis size run in fear from the massive mythical load believed to exist within the creatures mammoth nuts which kills all of those who come in contact with it.

2. Sometimes used to describe a man with a penis comparable to at least half the size of his leg.

3. A term reserved for only the most well endowed men. See {Cock of Ages}
Why is there a trench between these two foot prints?
It must be the mythological Big Daddy Dong Leg!!!
by Nick Gibson March 21, 2007
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