A penis of unusually high weight/mass/girth.
"Did you see the size of his dong?"
"Yeah, it weighed 3 pounds!"
by Hansome Harry October 07, 2007
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A word one must say when the word "wangs" is uttered.
<dcomposed> Wangs.
<dragonxero> Dongs.
by dragonxero February 25, 2005
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A dildo, usually rubber, with a suction cup at the base. Primarily used for sticking to the shower wall.
"Hey Becky. Check out my new DONG"
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This is cool free stuff you can Do Online Now, Guys.
Check out these Cool DONGS Bro I found On youtube!
by theshadowhand August 31, 2014
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When a person is being rude, stupid, and or annoying.

The person can have one of these traits or all of them.
Situation 1

Julie: I got a 43 on my math test but it’s fine i’ll just cheat on the next on

You: Omfg you’re such a dong howd you get that low of a score

Situation 2

Julie: How are homeless people... homeless cant they just... get a job?

You: You dong that’s not how it works.
by sirducksmysterys February 02, 2021
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The penis, mostly used when referring to large penises or to jerking off.
Harry’s so fascinated by his massive dong that he’s just gotta jerk off a lot.
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by Xaime May 20, 2019
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