A DOB is short for a Dutch Oven Blow Job. A Dutch Oven Blow Job is when a girl is giving a guy a blow job under the covers and he farts, resulting in a dutch oven blow job or DOB.
Last night when I was giving Kevin head he farted. It was the worst DOB ever.
by Malrus August 28, 2012
When somebody has a "turtlehead" poke out of their anus and recesses back into the anus; causing the stool to milk the prostate in turn gives the male a boner. This ensuing boner is the "Dob Bole"
I had to shit so bad after that mexican guacamole that I got a Dob Bole and used it to fuck my sisters mom.
by B. Dole June 22, 2006
...that man with the long beard and greasy hair is so z-dob...my nephew thinks brussel sprouts are z-dob..
by julie broussard July 15, 2006
A general term for a man (or woman) resembling Rob Brydon from Marion and Geoff.

Resigned to a life of solitude on the internet, Dobs can be found frequenting internet chat rooms and online games passing himself off as Rob Brydon.
Hey kiddies, I'm Rob Brydon!
Piss off Dobs, we know it's you!
by Stringy January 10, 2004
A silly billy. A light-hearted term to describe someone whose actions are illogical and a little daft.
“You left your keys at home? You’re a dib dob”
by The OG G G February 22, 2022
also know as DICK ON BUT

as in putting YOUR dick on a but that is not your own but
Skyler loves to DOB little kids
by lynbrook's nigger March 13, 2008