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An amazing person who can steal you heart just when you hear his voice. Very adventurous and generous when it comes to the people he cares about. Loves meeting new people and making new friends. He loves to give people things that are from the heart but he's still afraid that you wont like the gift. He's very genuine and will do anything to make the people around him happy. He's artistic, unique, fun, a major sweetheart, kind-hearted, and quite the catch. You can never get him off your mind once you meet him. He's someone you'll never want to lose once he's in your life.
Did you see Derek yesterday? Talk about breath taking.
"I can't get him off my mind." "You must be talking about Derek."
by Amani Sha December 03, 2011
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An amazing, insanely perfect guy. hes good looking, a 10 actually, funny, sweet, kind, caring and everyone loves him. he can always make you laugh and girls swoon over him.
my boyfriends a Derek.
by Hiss Gf August 16, 2012
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amazing in everyway possible, sexy body, good at everything, nice, the best boy you will meet, good taste in music, a monkey, a geek but in a cute way, talented, strong, smart yet dumb at times, and just overall an amazing person.
kid: DUDE, did you here?! Derek punched through the brick wall in school!
other kid: Well, that's Derek for ya..
by Katrek Fosends March 04, 2011
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Someone you CANNOT get off your mind because he is always so funny and cute. A Derek is a hotty with a killer body.
Suzie: ahh man! look at him,.. hes such a Derek!!
Izzle: O my gosh! I can never stop thinking about him, hes such a Derek!
Marisa: I LOVE HIM!
by Shitaco December 14, 2007
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The sweetest, kindest, most generous, most loyal, most trustworthy and hottest man to ever walk this earth. He is the best boyfriend ever and he knows how to treat his girlfriend right. His smile will do a better job at brightening up your day than the sun in the Sahara desert. He's that sexy football player and he's such a hunk. He's very lovable and smart. He's an all around great guy.
Monique's boyfriend Derek is so awesome! She's so lucky. :)
by Monique B October 10, 2013
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Derek is the most amazing person ever...ever. He is a special guy all around. He is super intelligent and understanding. His witty and flirty remarks will make you melt. He gives wonderful advice, and is always willing to help you. Derek is extremely funny and totally silly. His sense of humor will always bring a smile to your face. He cares for just about everyone, and it definitely shows. He is a very loyal friend and will stick with you through thick and thin. Not to mention, he's drop dead handsome. Derek is truly one of a kind. He knows it too. If you have Derek as friend...well, keep it that way.
Person 1: Hey, that boy over there is totally cute.
Me: I know! That's Derek. He's totally amazing!!
by Lexi ;) March 11, 2014
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The sweetest, kindest, most beautiful and intelligent boy that walks the earth.
Why can't I ever find a Derek?
by k8o February 02, 2010
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